Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We love getting what we want, and SHOES is our latest obsession! We've been watching this clip over and over and over and over by ourselves, with our friends,with our coworkers and especially with our favorite shoe salespeople at Bergdorf's! We just can't get enough of SHOES!

By the way, Bitches.....FUCK YOU!

Click below to see our other latest shoe obsession!


Saturday, September 16, 2006



Our most current obsession (we're sure we'll be over it by tomorrow, but for now, let's discuss) is supermodel legend, Lauren Hutton!

This bitch is OUT OF CONTROL, y'all!

On Thursday night, we accompanied The Hutton and her "High Pussy Posse" (what she calls her girlfriends) to Zac Posen's Spring Summer 2007 fashion show at the Bryant Park tents.

The car ride alone was hysterical. We were sitting in the back while Lauren, Jacqueline Schnabel and another friend of theirs were talking about fashion, media and art....except each one was saying one thing while the others were saying another and the bitches were laughing like they were all on the same page!

Skip to a flurry of paparazzi in the tents screaming "JOEY OVER HERE! JOEY OVER HERE!" (Okay, they were actually screaming for Lauren, but let us live out our fantasy...)

The show was spectacular, then it was off to Bar Pitti for a late night snack. We sat next to the Hutton and the bitch just kept talking about Amsterdam and Rembrandt and her modeling career in the 60s. It got sort of old. So we left.

You've got to J'Adore New York City!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We can't even tell you how excited we are today because our most J'ADORED website in the world has miraculously sprung back to life........for the 1000th time! (We're thinking it won't be so miraculous at 1001, but we digress...)

What we MOST J'ADORE is the uncrushable spirit of the site most realistically portrayed through a most horrific video on the homepage depicting a car crash on the 405 in our hometown of Los Angeles.

If that isn't the complete embodiment of Radar, we don't really know what is...


Plus, they linked us on their site under the STYLE section, so we love them even more!