Saturday, September 16, 2006


Our most current obsession (we're sure we'll be over it by tomorrow, but for now, let's discuss) is supermodel legend, Lauren Hutton!

This bitch is OUT OF CONTROL, y'all!

On Thursday night, we accompanied The Hutton and her "High Pussy Posse" (what she calls her girlfriends) to Zac Posen's Spring Summer 2007 fashion show at the Bryant Park tents.

The car ride alone was hysterical. We were sitting in the back while Lauren, Jacqueline Schnabel and another friend of theirs were talking about fashion, media and art....except each one was saying one thing while the others were saying another and the bitches were laughing like they were all on the same page!

Skip to a flurry of paparazzi in the tents screaming "JOEY OVER HERE! JOEY OVER HERE!" (Okay, they were actually screaming for Lauren, but let us live out our fantasy...)

The show was spectacular, then it was off to Bar Pitti for a late night snack. We sat next to the Hutton and the bitch just kept talking about Amsterdam and Rembrandt and her modeling career in the 60s. It got sort of old. So we left.

You've got to J'Adore New York City!


Big Daddy said...

There's a lot of buzz about Zac Posen's show. Was it that good?

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