Sunday, September 30, 2007


So we are soooooo in love with this new Spanish Verdejo we discovered on Friday! You know what alcoholics we are. We have our cereal in the morning with a nice cold glass of white! J'Adore! This verdejo made by Naia is EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Bright lemon color. Great nose of lanolin, vanilla biscuits, lemon curd and minerals. Chalky minerality frames a myriad of citrus flavors. Very minerally and deep.The grapes for this wine come from 98.8 acres of vineyards, of which 94 acres are 26 years old and 4.8 acres are ungrafted 90-year-old Verdejo vines. All the vineyards are located in the town of La Seca, which is considered by the locals to be the “grand cru” village of Rueda. Since the Middle Ages Verdejo has been the traditional varietal here on the left bank of the Duero River. This is the fourth release of this stainless-steel fermented wine.

Friday, September 28, 2007


We're not sure we really want to say anything about this Bollywoodesque Doritos commercial. We'll just let you watch and J'Adore on your own if you want.


Okay, this is the last Pee Wee posting today. We promise. How much do we love this scene? Our favorite part is when he's laying on the table and Satan's Helpers are trying to figure out what to do with him, and Pee Wee says under his breath, "I say we let him go!" HAHHAHAHAHHA!


Last night, we ran into our J'Adorable friend Jason Pharr from The Cloud Room while he was walking Suki, our most J'Adored little pug ever! When we saw him, he greeted us with a "Bonjour, PeeWee!" and we totally J'Adored!!! You know how much we love PeeWee...especially when he's on crack as we can see here.

Anyways, we haven't been able to get PeeWee off the brain since, so we YouTubed some videos and the above popped up! J'ADORE CIRQUE DE BEBE!!! OMG! We were dying! The cannon? The soot stained baby? For reals???

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Before we ran into our friends at Pastis today, we were having a quick beer at The Hog Pit when we looked up into the far upper corner of the bar, and we noticed the above sign that said, "CPR Kit Available Upon Request". WTF?!?!

Really? Upon request? What kind of request do they need if we're in need of a CPR kit? Isn't our flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water enough for them? Aren't our deathly gasps for air signs that maybe they should go down into the basement and get the dust covered CPR kit they've so conveniently stored behind 50 cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon? Aren't the screams from other bar patrons "He's choking! He's choking!" enough for them?

We have to REQUEST to have our lives saved?!?! WTF?!?!

.....and scene.


After we posted the below, we realized that some of you may not be familiar with the famous monologue given by Julia Sugarbaker, so to fill you in....

Immediately before the below scene, Julia was in the dressing room and overheard two of the contestants from that night's pageant making fun of Susanne, Julia's sister. The monologue was the defense. Above is the only clip we could find, but we're sure you get the idea.


We were casually strolling through the meatpacking district today when we heard someone call out our name. We weren't surprised because it happens all the time, but we were quite interested in who had spotted us this time!

Turns out it was our good friends Abby Gardner and Tanya Jensen of The Daily lunching at Pastis. They were with the most J'Adorable woman who also works with them name Tangie....short for Tangerine, which we TOTALLY J'Adore!!! (Her real name is Brunhilda or something like's actually Samantha.)

Anyways, we sat down for an extra large Kronenberg while we regaled Tanya with television highlights from the our childhood in the 1980s. Turns out she doesn't even know who The Golden Girls are. We almost fainted and fell out of chair but that would NOT have been chic so we didn't do it but we do love drama and that would have been quite dramatic right there on the outside patio but we were wearing designer clothes and we didn't want to ruin them...

One of the highlights of which we spoke was the famous monologue by Ms. Dixie Carter aka Ms. Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women where, in defense of her sister, Ms. Susanne Sugarbaker played by Ms. Delta Burke, she explains the night the lights went out in Georgia! J'ADORE!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We're not sure why we find this video so funny, but we do. Maybe because the best part comes out of nowhere. Maybe because we don't understand why Kiefer Sutherland would do what he does just because someone called him a pirate. Either way, it makes us laugh. J'ADORE!


Monday, September 24, 2007


We know we haven't been in touch in a while, and we know that we told you we would share last Wednesday's amazing night in NYC with you, and we're here to do that now. We have been running around NON-STOP! Work, play, play, play, work, museum, work, sex, nap, play. You know how it is. Manhattan doesn't let you take a break for one second!

Anyways, so we took on a new client not too long ago called The Supper Club New York. It's this incredibly chic and ultra exclusive members-only organization started in London but now with an arm in NYC. If you're a local, go to the site and apply for membership. We can't promise they'll pick you to join, but you never know if you don't try.

So we were asked by our client to host a most fabulous dinner for our nearest and dearest friends to whom The Supper Club would give instant lifetime founding memberships! Yes. We do have that kind of power, and we wield it with an iron fist! Don't get in our way. Where did we have dinner you might ask? Where else is there to have dinner in New York City other than famed INDOCHINE, home to the ever GORGEOUS Jean Marc Houmard seen via the link on the left with Sandy Dallal.

The night started out with J'Adorable Krug champagne and too much glamour to be absorbed in the short 30 minutes we had before dinner. As you can see above, menswear designer Andrew Buckler, Kate Schelter, Sarah Sophie Flicker of the Citizen's Band and David Gruning of Swarovski were giving it to you MAJOR!

Law & Order's Jennifer Missoni was trying to order a seltzer to no avail. We wish we knew how to order a seltzer, but every time we try, "Margarita, Please!" always comes out!

What do you get when you put two grown men who are totally jealous of each other's outfits together? You get Paper Magazine's Mickey Boardman and Brazilian Hottie McHotStuff, Luigi Tadini!

Radar Magazine's Christopher Tennant was getting all nervous by Supper Club founder, Tamsin Lonsdale. He knew she wanted some, but what to do about his girlfriend, Zoe Turnbull? We can't tell you what happened that night, or we'll get J'Adored to death.

Hold up! Wait up a minute! Let us put some J'ADORE in it! Ian Mohr, Women's Wear Daily's Elisa Lipsky-Karazs and Steve McQueen were so HOT that night! Wait a second. That's not Steve McQueen. That's Oliver Kramer. He was WEARING Alexander McQueen! Why do straight guys do that? They wear designer clothes that we can't afford making them look all hot, and we just sit there all bitter in a corner. We guess we just take comfort in the fact that we look better with our clothes OFF then they do, and then it's all good.

Our favorite husband and wife team were working the RED that night. Jason Pharr of the The Cloud Room has been on a worldwind tour promoting his latest album while Monica Thompson of In Touch has been jet setting right alongside. They just got back from Poland, London and Argentina. Next stop, SOUTH KOREA!!! You know how much we love our Bulgogi! We hope they bring us back some!

WTF?!?! Is that Brad Fisher the famed artist?!? JESUS! He follows us EVERYWHERE!!! He had no idea what he was doing there that night, and to be honest, neither did we, but you know how much we J'Adore him, so we just let him eat his pork spare ribs in peace...

We're not sure we have the words to describe the EXTREME BEAUTY that is personified by Elizabeth Hehir. We think she's the kind of creature the world only experiences once every 300 years or so.....sort of like Haley's Comet.

This is just an orgy waiting to happen. Patrick McMullan's Neil Rasmus, Ralph Lauren's PR Queen, Garine Zerounian, Sarah Cristobal of Harper's Bazaar and Peter Knell and Lisa Benson of IMG Model Management. Between these five bitches, we alone could find fame, clothes, press coverage and fortune just by having them J'Adore us! Come on guys! J'Adore us! Pretty please!?

Enjoy this moment, bitches! This is one of the rare times you'll get to see what we look like. No. We're not the gorgeous blonde in the middle throwing gang signs! We're on the right, and that's Jennifer Missoni with her follicularly challenged, J'Adorably gorgeous boyfriend, filmmaker Tommaso Cardile.

Feeling bad for thinking dirty thoughts about other women (and a few men), Christopher, kisses girlfriend & marketing guru Zoe Turnbull letting her know he loves her. You know he wishes he were kissing us instead!

Paula Froelich of Page Six showed up late but made up for it J'Adorefold. We were loving having her entertain the troops while we finally took a break to indulge in a cigarette.

We left and the rest of the evening proved quite debaucherous! From Gold Bar to Bungalow 8 to getting home at 7:00am.....we realized for the 1,000th time that we're just to old to party like we do, but we're not to old to J'Adore glamorously! You'd tell us if we're wrong?

We need to give a big fat J'ADORE to Neil Rasmus and Billy Farrell from Patrick McMullan's who J'Adored us enough to take the above photos for us. We're not sure what we would do without them...


We are sooooo grossed out right now! Our good friend, Christopher Tennant, from Radar Magazine gave us the heads up this morning on Casu Marzu. Supposedly, it's some kind of funky cheese with some kind of larvae wormy things growing in it and shit. Some people pull the worms out before eating, and others just chomp the whole thing! EEEEEEEWWWWW!!! To add to it, those damn worms are capable of jumping 6 inches! WTF!?!?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We've been on a weird Depeche Mode kick as of late, and this is one of favorites! Sometimes, when no one's listening, we like to sing "We Just Can't Get It Up!" It's keeps the song fresh and fun! Try it. We bet you'll totally laugh and then J'Adore.


We totally J'ADORE when this kind of shit happens. Photos of Oscar De La Hoya have surfaced, and they are NOT TO BE MISSED! Bitch went and put on a fishnet bodysuit, pink panties, a brown wig and high heels!!! THEN...he decided to take photos of it!

Honestly, why do celebrities do this shit? Don't they know that there is to be no photographic evidence of their madness??? Doesn't matter if it was taken at the Ritz Carlton with your best girlfriend. You know bitch is gonna up and sell that shit cuz you're rich and she's not!

Either way, we J'Adore these photos big time!!!


OMG, BITCHES!!! We can't stop laughing! You HAVE to remember the posting we did about Monica Thompson from In Touch Magazine and her bulgey eyes from looking at too many pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley?!?!

Well, we just found the video version of that picture, and even though it's only seven seconds long, it has brought us an entire morning of belly laughs! We can't stop watching it!!!


This past weekend, we were reading the New York Times T Magazine Men's Fall Fashion Issue....we know that's a long ass title, but that's what it's called, we think. Whatevs.

While reading what we already knew, we came across an editorial entitled The Cast System. It was just a bunch of male models wearing couture with various sorts of casts on their limbs. YAWN!

Honestly, it was nothing new. We had seen it all before. Specifically, for Harper's Bazaar circa 1995, Helmut Newton shot Nadja Auermann in all states of handicap. But that's what the fashion industry does best......RECYCLE! But we digress....

Above we want you to meet our good friend and arguably our BIGGEST fan EVER....Mr. Aaron Newbill. Here we can see him giving handicap chic last winter. Yes. We said LAST winter. That's almost a year BEFORE the New York Times decided to tell the masses it was cool to be handicapped while looking gorgeous. Needless to say, we and all our friends are ALWAYS ahead of the curve. You disagree?

Wait a second. Do any of you think that Aaron strikes a funny resemblance to the closet case kid below? The eyes? The crooked teeth? No. It's not possible that he lost so much hair so quickly. Whatever. Just a thought.

J'Adore Handicaps!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We randomly Googled "closet case" today, you know, for fun, and this photo came up! Honestly, this poor kid. We're not sure who he is exactly, but if he hasn't come out of the closet yet, we'd be surprised MAJOR! That shirt looks like his grandmother made it!


It's no secret to anyone that the Brits aren't world class gastronomes. They might know what gourmet feasts they like to eat, but they sure as hell don't know how to cook it! Honestly, only the Brits would think to boil a whole onion and serve it alongside a charred piece of beef.

So, it wasn't a surprise when we visited this British grocery store on Hudson Street yesterday. We found the most curious of items on the shelves. Spotted Dick? Sponge Pudding? What the hell is that and who the hell would come up with a name like that??? "We'll be having the spotted dick, please. Medium rare if you will. Thank you." Are they for serious???

This one is our favorite! Cock-a-Leekie soup? We are soooo confused right now! If our cock's a leekie, we rush to the doctor! We don't open a can and heat it up! Come on now, Brits! Pull it together! And if any of you can explain the above, please email us ASAP!

Friday, September 14, 2007


It's a cloudy and windy day here in NYC, and when that happens, you just know it's going to rain! So we logged on to AccuWeather to check the forecast, and we came across something that reminded us of a trip we took to South Beach back 2003.....Humberto's Moisture!

It seems Humberto is once again wreaking his havoc across the lower states! What we want to know is WHOSE front is hooking up with Humberto's Moisture!?!?

If you're reading this, Humberto....CALL US!


"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room."
-Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop


We TOTALLY miss the deserts miss the rain! Whatever. We love Everything But the Girl, and we don't care if you don't. We just wanted you to know that we haven't forgotten about you.

Fashion week was crazy, and this week we are sooooo over our heads with this new client we took on, but we're going to have some J'Adorable photos for you late next week. We can't tell you what we have planned for Wednesday night, but we will, and it's going to be REALLY cute...especially if you don't live in NYC......cuz we're gonna give you a little bit of the flavor. J'Adore!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


"There is a saying: 'Caviar is for Paupers.' People who don't know how to cook sometimes serve caviar to impress, but entertaining connoisseurs know better than to be fooled by such illusionary opulence. Don't get me wrong. I love caviar, but I never serve it at a dinner." -Valentino

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Okay, bitches. The moment you all have been waiting for....happened early this morning at 7:52am...haha! We were on the radio with our good friends Sarah Cristobal and Oliver Kramer! Click here to hear our J'Adorable commentary! It's only three minutes, but it's a start!

Also, email it to all your friends using the email link on the site. We were told if enough people do it, they'll make us president of WNYC! J'Adore!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So we totally took Fashion Week Day Six OFF! Even we need our rest we were totally hungover from Saturday night. We seem to be hungover alot lately, no? Note to selves: Don't drink tomorrow.

Anyway, last night we went to the Elise Overland presentation at Milk Studios, and it was quite J'Adorable. The clothes were very feminine with a modern edge, perfectly suited for the downtown New Yorker. We have to say....we don't love presentations as much as we like fashion shows. You need to see the clothes move on the body, and that just doesn't happen when the model is just standing there.

We ran into our very good friends, Brad Fisher and Zani Gugelmann, two of the hottest bitches on the party circuit. Also in attendance were Lauren Davis, Chiara Clemente, Waris Ahluwalia, Audrey Bernstein, Kate Schelter, Liz Goldwyn and Tiffany Dubin. Don't you just love the beautiful people?

This was the presentation underway. Please note Brad Fisher was not directed to jump in front of the camera, but just like us, he's an attention whore, and he just can't help it. Can someone please explain to us the drummers?

Monday, September 10, 2007


We were contacted by our NPR producer the other day letting us know that he was legally obligated to tell us that we were not contracted by NPR to do our fashion week coverage, but rather, by WNYC, the local NYC subdivision of NPR.

So there you go. We said it. The masses are informed. We don't need no NPR lawyers calling our J'Adorable ass into the courtroom!

Quick update: Our segment has been pushed back to air this Wednesday, the last day of fashion week. When we know more, we'll let you know.


Once again, the kids over at Y-3 turned it OUT on Saturday with their Spring Summer 2008 collection! The show was staged in a parking garage underneath a stretch of the Highline between 21st and 22nd Streets (above).

The scene outside was CHAOTIC. There were people everywhere trying to catch a glimpse of the show to come, and the line to get in was as long as the eye could J'Adore.

It was no surprise when we ran into our J'Adored friends Glenmore and Xander. No one loves some Y-3 like these bitches do. They had some little chulo in tow. We forget his name, but he was taking major notes on how to give J'Adorosity so that maybe, just maybe, next season he would receive an invite too!

The show began with loud claps of thunder and flashes of lightning, and then overhead, heavy rain began falling on the tin roof while the overflow cascaded down the walls behind both sides of the audience. Leave it to Y-3 to make it rain on a clear and sunny day. All hail the power of the supreme Yohji!

We took some photos and videos of the show, but they didn't come out too well since we were sat a little too far away from the runway. We've slowly come to terms with the fact that we can't ALWAYS have front row at every show. Sigh. Above is the video of the final parade. J'Adore collectively, and we'll be back at you really soon. xoxo

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Okay. We know we totally skipped Fashion Week Day Three, but we had CRAZY computer troubles that needed to be fixed which led us to completely missing out on our lineup of shows that day including our favorite and most J'Adored friend, Victor Glemaud! Je N'Adore Pas! But we wouldn't be sitting here posting for you had we ignored our sickly little laptop!

So here we are, day four, outside the tents at Bryant Park. You'll see above that the tents were BUZZING with energy. From photographers and editors to simple civilians passing on the street stopping by to see a celebrity or maybe even to try to catch a glimpse of the ever elusive Joey! J'Adore!

We were there to see our first menswear show of the day, Buckler, by our most J'Adored pint sized Andrew Buckler. We headed backstage, bien sur, to pick up our all access pass and to get a preview of what we'll be wearing next Spring!

The models were all lined up for hair and makeup!

Look who we found working her fashion PR magic backstage!!! Our most J'Adored Yaa Yamoah! Straight from the runways in Ghana! Wuuuuurk!

All the looks lined up and ready to go! We'll take THIS and THIS and THIS, oh, does this shirt come in a medium?

Never have we wanted to be a tattoo more than we did right at that very moment!

Models outside backstage taking a quick smoke break before showtime! Anyone need a light? Or a massage? Hmm? Anyone?

The scene inside the tents minutes before showtime! Thank God WE don't ever have to wait in line!

Our favorite Dandies, Cator Sparks & Patrick McDonald were also there to see the show. We totally went to the bar for a cocktail first! J'Adore fashionably drinking during the day!

Inside the the tent, people were clamoring to find their seats. We take comfort in the fact that our front row seat is ALWAYS reserved for us!

Pay very close attention. This is the opening of the show. Inspired by Steve McQueen with a touch of Monty Python, this was Andrew's STRONGEST collection to date! The tailored tuxedos in the beginning to the skinny shorts and the TRENCH COATS!!! OMG! We almost jumped up on the runway to try them on! We really couldn't contain ourselves. Do we even mention the shoes?

We know you're totally awestruck. You don't have to tell us.

We are SO wearing this in St. Tropez next summer. Do you think the knife is included?

J'Adore black & white windowpane! We are so bringing our old vests back out from the archives!

We don't think you're really ready for this. Andrew closed his show with the standard model parade except that they all came out in the new BUCKLER SWIMWEAR COLLECTION!!!! WTF?!?! People were FREAKING OUT! It was one of the most spectacular things we had ever seen. The woman next to us totally fainted, and we had to pick her up off the floor, but that's Buckler for you. Pay special attention to the Ethiopian model in the yellow bathing suit! We like to call him The Praying Mantis! J'Adore!

So we're off to the Y-3 show today! Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas. Check back in tomorrow for everything you're missing out on! J'Adore!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


It's only been two days, and we've already had our asses beat down by the J'Adorably hysterical glamour that is fashion week.

Where do we start?

Tuesday night, we met up with our J'Adorable little sister in crime, Sarah Cristobal, at the Van Cleef & Arpels party at the Hammerstein Ballroom. It was quite chaotic when we arrived. The fashion show had just ended, and we ran into so many of our J'Adorable friends.....Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Hope Atherton, Rufus Albemarle, Patrick McDonald (who was with the LEGENDARY Julie Newmar!!!), Ben Widdicombe, Lee Carter, Cator Sparks, Emma Snowdon-Jones....we could go on for days. It was fun, but WAY too loud!!! We have trouble hearing ourselves think let alone trying to hear all these fashionistas cackling over each other!

After countless glasses of champagne, we ended up leaving to head over to the Trovata show to support our good friend, John Whitledge. You'll remember him from our crazy ass trip to Istanbul with Zac Posen! We had the best time with our J'Adorable fans....Kate Schelter, Spencer Morgan, Neil Rasmus, Jessica Ramakrishnan, etc.

Just when we thought we had had enough, we were hauled over to Bungalow 8 for the afterparty! We can't tell you what happened there because, you know, it's Bungalow 8, and we're not allowed to spill the beans! We got home at 3:00am, which is sort of early for fashion week standards, but we had work to do the next day!

We woke up with a terrible headache on Wednesday morning, but that's to be expected during fashion week. We had so much to do, so we pulled ourselves through our hangover and headed over to the Yigal Azrouel show where we met up with Oliver Kramer & Sarah Cristobal (pictured above) with whom we would begin our coverage of fashion week for NPR!

We had the best time covering the shows, but the big black phallic microphone in our face was quite unnerving. You'd think we'd be used to things of that size being shoved in our mouth, but we were not! TRUST!

After the show, we hitched a ride with NYC's most J'Adored socialite, Fabiola Beracasa, back up to the offices to reflect on fashion and what it means to us today. HAHAHA. Whatever.

Then we were off to see Marchesa by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig (pictured at the very top). It was a clusterfuck of celebrity and NYC's most powerful, us included bien sur! It was hard to do our coverage when we were constantly being stopped by the likes of Naomi Watts, Nicole Esposito, Laura Brown, Elisa Lipsky-Karazs, Graydon Carter, Rene Arsenault, etc. Who knew it would be such a scene?!

But the most J'Adorable part wasn't the show itself, but the walk over to the show. We had stopped by Tia Pol for a quick glass of Spanish white wine, and while we were walking down West 22nd Street, a black SUV pulls up to the curb and who steps out three feet in front of us????? It was none other than our total future wife to be, Linda Evangelista!!! We almost fainted, but we didn't because she was all over us trying to kiss us hello, and we had to keep it together! J'Adore!

After we finished all of our NPR coverage and commentary for the day, we headed over to the Earnest Sewn boutique for the launch of their pop up shop, Repetto. It was a madhouse of our nearest and dearest....Abby Gardner, Liz Hehir, Lauren Davis, Genevieve Jones, Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony, Rebekah McCabe, Chiara Clemente, Waris Ahluwalia, Nina Clemente (working her high heeled magic on her Schwinn above), Martin Marks, etc.

We were already wrecked. When we're at these events, we sometimes feel like a bee in a bee hive when all the bees are clammoring all over each other communicating and talking and connecting but no one really knows what the other one is talking about because they all just found a flower that they want to tell the others about and they don't know who to listen to first because all the flowers being talked about are so beautiful?!?! Does that make any sense? It does to us, and that's all that matters.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. We're only going to see one menswear show, and that's of our good friend, Andrew Buckler. He's a GENIUS. When we tell you he's got rocker couture down to a science, you know we mean it!

We have to go to bed, so hopefully, we'll be back at you with some J'Adorable fashion week news very soon! J'ADORE!!!