Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay, Bitches. You all know we're Lebanese, and we are one of the first J'Adorable peoples on this earth to blow it up MAJOR.

Our ancestors, The Phoenicians, were the first sea-faring merchants who supplied shit to everyone, and we mean EVERYONE. We gave the Egyptians the cedar wood used in helping to construct the pyramids. Lebanon was the epicenter of the Roman school of law, and we were the first people to export wine to foreign lands! Yes. You heard us right. It was us that made wine first! You don't think Jesus was drinking an Italian Valpolicella, do you?!?!

So it wasn't any surprise when we saw this article in the Wall Street Journal about the Lebanese wine industry and how it's finally getting the respect it deserves. Read it and learn, or we'll find you and CUT YOU like Bon Qui Qui.


Monday, March 23, 2009



Greetings, oh J'Adorable ones!!! We are back from our most incredible vacation, and we are SO tan that we make Samuel L. Jackson look like an albino!

Unfortunately, none of you guessed correctly the location of our tropical excursion which took place on the Mexican Riviera in one of the quaintest and most beautiful places on earth....Tulum, Mexico.

We had the most incredible time sunning our supple young bodies on the sand and floating in turquoise waters warm enough to soft boil an egg. Umm, okay. We don't understand that comparison either, but just go with it.

We're glad to be back, and we have some incredible J'Adorations coming your way, so sit back and wait for them. We're just too tan to J'Adore you right now...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We're off in the morning to a tropical locale somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Can you guess where we're going from the above photo? Email us with your guess, and if you're right, we'll send you a personalized J'Adoration upon our return! J'Adore!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


When it comes to internet browsing, we J'Adore Safari MAJOR! Firefox can go suck it! So when we heard yesterday from one of most in-the-know tech goddesses, Krista Freibaum, that Safari had a new beta version available for download, we let out a loud squeal in J'adoration! It was a bit embarrassing, even for our standards.

There are so many new features, all of which we are not going to delve into at the moment, but we do want to tell you about the most J'Adorable part of the new browser. It's called Top Sites.

The damn thing scans your history and figures out which sites you visit most often and it arranges them for you in a grid as pictured above. When one of your sites is updated, a little star appears. If you don't want to lose a site from the grid, you click on a push pin. It's insane! When you want to view your internet history, all the pages appear in Cover Flow just like they do in our iTunes! Who the hell comes up with this stuff?

Download your version of Safari 4 by clicking here.


This is exactly why we love the fashion industry. In a sea of bland designers who only churn out fashions for the sake of consumerism, every now and then, one of them comes along and just J'Adores you right out of the water! That designer, season and season again, has been Mr. Alexander McQueen.

For his Fall Winter 2009 Pret-a-Porter collection, McQueen explored the concept of re-invention. He showed his own take on Dior's New Look of '47 and Chanel's tweed jacket. He pulled from his own past collections, tweaked them and sent them back out. The set was a large pile of trash, pieces from his old sets. The runway was comprised of shattered glass. Hubcaps, empty aluminum cans, umbrella and lampshades all adorned the models in the form of "accessories"....hats, hair adornments, etc.

THIS is the reason we yearned to be part of the fashion industry when we were just wee little J'Adorable fetuses! The over the top extravagance of a fashion show. The fantasy world born from within the mind of an artist. The big FUCK YOUs to an industry in the form of "look what I can do". J'Adore!!!

View the full collection at



We are not J'Adoring in the least at the moment because earlier this evening we received word that our beloved New York Post real estate columnist, Braden Keil, passed on late last night after a long battle with melanoma.  We really cannot tell you how incredibly saddened we are by this news.

When we first started in the world of public relations over 7 years ago and we were fumbling our way through unchartered territory, Braden was always there for us letting us know that we would get through it. He was the first reporter that really believed in us when we couldn't have the courage to believe in ourselves.

We worked with some of New York City's most celebrated chefs at the time, and Braden was covering the culinary world for the NY Post on the side, even though real estate was his mainstay.  He came to every dinner we hosted at our restaurants, and he wrote about every single one in the paper the next day.  He loved to eat gourmet meals.  He loved to drink the fine wines we offered. He also always laughed at our mundane stories which at times weren't very funny, but rather, just drunken.

We hadn't seen Braden in a couple of years, but we'll definitely miss him.  His unconditional support and constant encouragement are part of the reason why we are where we are today.

We'll miss you, Braden.  May you rest in peace.  J'adore.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



We want you to meet Santino The Chimp.  This little guy is changing the way we view ourselves as human beings. Apparently, the 31-year-old Alpha male at Furuvik zoo in Sweden has gone about a little activity that many scientists are arguing is unique to humans only.  

Every morning, before the zoo would open, Santino would gather stones and prepare them in piles, and later in the day, when visitors to the zoo would annoy the hell out of him, he would unleash a hailstorm of stones at them.  This "planning for the future" as researchers call it has surprised the scientific world, proving that animals do indeed make plans ahead of time.

You know what?  If we were locked up in a fenced in area only to wake to find snotty nosed kids and their fanny pack wearing parents staring, pointing and gawking us, we'd eventually figure out that the best way to deal with a crappy situation is to have some fun and start trying to hit the bitches with a rock.  

We feel bad for Santino.  They say that he rarely hits anyone due to his poor aim.  We might have to fly our asses over to Sweden and help teach Santino how to aim and shoot a bitch down.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Olivier Theyskens TURNED IT OUT yesterday with his tour de force presentation for Nina Ricci during Paris fashion week.  All the shoes were platform and without heels! J'ADORE!!!!  Check out the full collection on

Monday, March 02, 2009


You know how we feel about Y-3. We J'Adore it like no other because there's no other to J'adore. Was that a bit existential? We're not sure, but what we ARE sure about is this video by Lloyd & Co. featuring the Spring Summer 2009 collection. Check it out and keep an eye out for us in all of these looks in the upcoming months.