Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We are so out of here in the morning.  We're off to where birds roam free, the air is anything but clean and crisp and the ground upon which you stand can suddenly open up and swallow you whole.  

We're not gonna tell you where we're going because after two years of J'Adoring with us, you should already know.  If you don't know, the picture above might give you some kind of idea, but if it doesn't, then that means you probably live where we're going. Yes.  The people there are THAT stupid!

Keep checking in.  We're gonna have a lot of time on our hands, so we might just be J'Adoring a little more often than we already do.  

Email us with your guesses as to where we are, and if you're right, we'll send you your very own personalized J'Adoration! They're collector's items, you know!  You can sell them on eBay!


You already know how much we J'Adore Nick Knight.  This time, he's attacking himself and the fashion industry over the acceptance of racism and the disallowance of the use of black models in magazines, campaigns and editorials.  He has vented his anger through this film featuring Naomi Campbell.  J'Adore Nick Knight!

Friday, July 25, 2008


"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, dream, discover." - Mark Twain


Earlier today, one of the most amazing tranny bitches we know, Thomas Onorato, emailed us this link containing some of Sophia Petrillo's most memorable quotes from the Golden Girls.   Oh, Estelle, why did you have to go and kick the bucket on us?  Thank God for DVDs!!!

One of our favorite quotes....

Blanche: Oh, girls....  I'm just in ecstasy.  My body is tingling all over.  You will never guess what just happened!

Sophia: We know what happened.  Let us just guess what part of the Middle East he's from.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


"There ain't no point in moving on until you've got somewhere to go.  And the road that I have walked upon, well, it filled my pockets and emptied out my soul.  All those insecurities that have held me down for so long, I can't say I've found a cure for these, but at least I know them so they're not so strong.  You look for your dreams in heaven, but what the hell are you supposed to do when they come true?"

 - George Michael, Waiting [Reprise], Listen Without Prejudice


We are SOOO addicted to taking photos of people on the subway without them knowing! We don't take photos of them for no reason. There's got to be something special. Remember this one? And this one?

Anyway, tonight, we saw the above masterpiece. He was way J'Adorable because we would totally wear that outfit. Beige and olive seersucker, a yellow shirt, (ugly) tie and brown suede ankle boots.

The shoes were our favorite part! The man was old and fat, and he had a cameltoe but his shoes were tres modern! Brown suede ankle boots with a creme topstitch and molded soles! Where did he find those we asked ourselves. We would have asked HIM, but we were too busy taking photos on the sly.

The thing that confused us the most was the hat. Ordinarily the edges would be curled up in a gentlemanly summer chapeau kind of way, but this reminded us of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert!


Current just doesn't stop with their J'Adorable video content.  Our new favorite is this one which is a preview of a PBS special called The Cool School which is all about the start of the modern art movement in Los Angeles.

The cool thing is that we've had the opportunity to meet and to work with Irving Blum, Dennis Hopper, John Baldessari and Bill Plaxton (husband to the J'Adorably legendary Peggy Moffitt) over the past few years through a few very special art projects we've done in LA.  They are truly beyond J'Adoration.


Bitches! George Michael TURNED IT OUT last night at Madison Square Garden. He was our first concert 20 years ago this summer. We were only 4 years old, ahem, um, yeah, 4 years old, that's right, 4 years old. ANYWAY... We had the best time EVAH!

We started the night sitting on the Post Office steps across from the Garden waiting waiting for our boy, Gerald McCullouch. We had gotten backstage passes earlier in the day from the hottest bitch on the planet, Bianca Bianconi, who runs the show.  Well, not the concert show...just the show in general.  She turns us out in ways unimaginable!

This is Gerald in the backstage VIP holding pen. He was making googly eyes at some chick he thought was Mary J. Blige. We didn't want to tell him it wasn't her.

We ran into ALL of our J'Adorable WHAM! fan sluts backstage. Above, Harper Bazaar's Ana Maria Wilson & our favorite J'Adorable Douglas Friedman. We also blew air kisses to Jorge Garcia of Visionaire, Queer Eye's Thom Filicia and his boy Greg Calejo, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Eddie Roche, Flint Beamon, Paper Magzine's Mickey Boardman and the list goes on...

It isn't a George Michael night if you're not getting caught in the bathroom. That crazy Gerald. We told him there was security everywhere. And on a side note, we pulled it out at a urinal right next to Andre Agassi. We totally snuck a peek! J'Adore!!!

Our seats were pretty amazing to begin with. We felt like we were right there, but then it got better. Keep reading.

Georgie J'Adored our side of the stage the best!

There was a 15 minute intermission, so we crossed the floor and went backstage because we certainly weren't going to hang out with the general population. Je n'adore pas!

We totally ran into our old friend, Jesse Archer, who we've known since our freshman year in college at USC. His shirt speaks for us all!

On the way back to our seats, we decided to drop it 3rd row front and center instead. No one was sitting anyway, and we knew we couldn't wait another 17 years for an opportunity like that!

Georgie used a whole segment with Dita von Teese on the screens in the background which he said was "for all the girl's boyfriends here tonight." We would have let him use our image for free!

We were so close to George, we could feel his Careless Whispers on the back of our neck!

This is how close we were.  We were gonna slap him just for fun! Georgie...Show us your Club Tropicana!!!

Georgie went into homo-overdrive when he changed into a cop uniform for his song Outside.

We were devastated to hear him bid us adieu. We could have stayed there all night!

Georgie J'Adored us majorly last night as you'll see from the video. Watch through the end for all the video snippets! He opened the show with one of our most J'Adored songs....Waiting! J'Adore!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We just finished reading Christopher Ciccone's Life With My Sister Madonna, and we're not yet sure how we feel about it.  

On the one hand, it's really an intriguing and intimate look into Madonna's personal world...one we don't get to normally see, nor can we imagine.  

Secondly, we are totally disappointed with the tone in which Christopher wrote the book.  He spends most of the time complaining about how badly Madonna treats him, but he portrays himself as this pathetic and spineless creature that just lets Madonna abuse.  Even his sentence structures put Madonna first!  It's YOUR book, CC!  Own it!  

Thirdly, we're a little saddened to see how poorly Madonna treats the family.  For us, family is first, and if we were worth over $600 million, our family wouldn't want for anything.  This is clearly not the case according to Christopher.  

If you have any inkling of interest in reading the book, you should.  Otherwise, let it be.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We don't think we have been this emotionally upheaved in a very long time.  First the George Michael tickets were bringing us down, and then our spirits were lifted when we sold them.  Now, we have to deal with the unfortunate death of one of the greatest actresses ever to have lived, Ms. Estelle Getty, who is most famous for portraying Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls.

Sophia made us laugh.  She made us cry.  She made us question whether or not Mama Celeste was her best friend growing up!

We'll miss you, Sophia.  Rest In Peace.


So, we're glad to report that we kept the FAITH, and our FATHER FIGURE was looking out for us because today, we sold our three extra tickets to Wednesday's George Michael concert!  (Actually, most of friends will attest to the fact that we weren't very calm and that we almost lost our shit over it, but we digress...)

We were so totally excited over our new found FREEDOM from the tickets that we uttered CARELESS WHISPERS into a homeless guy on the street because no one else would listen.  

We only wonder if it's going to be as much fun as our last visit to CLUB TROPICANA and if we might find us some FASTLOVE....but NOT in the restroom a la George.

Monday, July 21, 2008


We have three George Michael tickets for this Wednesday in NYC at Madison Square Garden.  The seats are fucking AMAZING!!! Section 78, Row J!  (See above stage view).  If you want them, email us for details ASAP!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Our friend and J'Adored artist, Adrian Kondratowicz, is totally turning it out in NYC right now with his latest installation.  What he's done is created brightly colored and polka dotted trash bags which are available for purchase through his site entitled TRASH: anycoloryoulike.  You use them as you normally would, and then on trash day, the street is filled with color and mayhem where there would normally be just a bland pile of black stinky trash bags.  Did we mention that the bags are also biodegradable and smell like BUBBLE GUM?!  J'Adore!!!

Adrian is doing his part in bringing attention to the environment and eco-responsibility while at the same time raising awareness for his fellow artists and the art industry as a whole.  For this we J'Adore him!

The next installation will take place on July 30th from 5pm - 12am all over the meatpacking district.  You must NOT miss it......and don't forget to buy some bags!!!


It's gotten to the point where we're just behaving incredibly selfishly.  The excessive use and waste of our energy and resources.  Plastic water bottles.  Plastic bags.  Consumer packaging.  Water pollution.  Noise pollution.  Air pollution.  We could go on and on.

We don't mean to lecture, but if we don't take responsibility now for our share, who is?  We're only destroying the planets for our children and their children.

Anyway, our point is that a group in Paris, France has taken action against the excessive waste of energy in the city of lights. What are they doing?  They're turning OFF the lights.  Check out the video and take a moment to think how you can do your part in turning it off.


Ugh.  We have a BBQ to go to tomorrow, and we don't know what to wear.  We were thinking that we'd call our friends over at Dior to see if we could borrow the above outfit from the Couture F/W 08/09 collection, but we think it might be too casual.  We haven't decided.  We'll let you know.


We've been living in NYC for 12 years, and we see some pretty crazy shit on the daily but this one was a total first!  After we ran into rotten banana lady (see below), we got on the train again a little later in the day, and we spotted this freak.  WTF?  He's wearing an eye mask...ON THE SUBWAY!

We don't totally understand this on so many levels.  First, he's clearly a tourist cuz he's holding a subway map.  Secondly, tourists never travel far enough on the train to give them enough time for some shut eye.  Thirdly, we don't care if you're a tourist or not, but you DO NOT wear eye masks outside of your bedroom!!!

If we were a thug, we'd walk right up to him, snatch his bag of designer goods bought at Century 21, slap him upside the head like the bitch he is and then walk away.  He would never know what hit him cuz he's got a fucking eye mask on!


So yesterday, we got on the subway only to be sitting across from THIS vision of beauty. Mid-40s. Her fashion inspiration for the day was a rotten banana....black & yellow. Black eyeshadow. Bleached yellow hair. Yellow scarf on her head. Yellow and black striped polo. Black slacks and yellow suede heels. We were scared for about a minute or so, but then we realized that she was harmless, so we snapped this photo. We think she saw us, but we didn't care. We smash her down like the walking, rotting banana she is!


We know it's a small photo, but we just J'Adored it too much to pass it up!


We're not really sure what to say here. We mean look at her! The eyes. The hair. The cleavage. 

We can't believe she wore that pink shirt to a party!



Last night, we were dropping the tiles on a FIERCE game of Scrabble with our total bitches, Abby Gardner and Alyssa Vitrano, because that's what we do now. Play scrabble and eat chocolate ganache cake! When did we get so old and boring?

Anyway, Abby dropped the word DOMES down, and I looked down at my tiles and saw the letters O-R-S-Q-I-T-A, and we almost lost it! Was Astrodomes even a word? Who cared? There was a triple word score at stake, and we were willing to take the risk.

Well, they did challenge the word, and it wasn't in the Scrabble word book which dated from 1998, but it WAS in the dictionary AND online as a valid Scrabble word, so I got to keep it. Unfortunately, it was only 39 points, but we weren't crying over it.

J'Adore Kicking ASS-trodomes!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Thanks to BPW, we are TOTALLY stressed out this morning. Watch this video, and you'll understand why.  We would MURDER this man in 0.2 seconds flat.


Remember two years ago when we posted about dumb rubber bitches getting all stuck up in the claw machine???  Well, BPW has found a video of it happening LIVE!  We J'adore this because we still don't understand how this happens!!!


Now they gone and done it!  Our favorite bitch, Claire Darrow, was researching some ideas for the 2009 Standard Hotel Calendar, and she came across this work of art....Mormons Exposed: Men on a Mission!

Ummm, where to begin?  

First off, the calendar title is clearly a play on words referring to the HOT ASS missionaries around the globe who have taken it off and defied God's wrath for the capitalistic gain of this polygamist cult!  Whoa!  Where did THAT come from?  We're really not that angry.  Trust us.

Secondly, they sell t-shirts too!!

Thirdly, if Claire doesn't put us in the 2009 calendar we're gonna have a freak out worse than this guy!  

Friday, July 11, 2008


"There's something addictive about a secret." - J. Edgar Hoover


We love BBQs, and we love making movies!  So here you go!  

Our latest masterpiece is entitled ELK BBQ.  No, we weren't grilling elk.  The title is in reference to our friend and hostess, Elisa's, initials!  J'Adore!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today, we had lunch with an old friend we met in Istanbul.  Her name is Jacqui.  Out of nowhere, she busts out with news that she had quit her job and started a small business!  We were like......WTF???  Who does that???

Anyj'adore... She went into her bag and handed us what we thought were birth control pills, but it turned out they were breath fresheners and odor neutralizers!  Jacqui went out and created a little green pill made organically of parsley and peppermint which will get rid of all crazy culinary odors (garlic, fish, truffles, etc...)! Who knew you could do that!?

First you swallow two of the green ones.  Then you suck on a white one while you wait for the green ones to kick in and do their magic! They're amazing, and you all need to get yourselves some because we can smell your breath all the way over here!  

Check out Eat Whatever for more...


"The practice of meditation is represented by the three monkeys, who cover their eyes, ears and mouths so as to avoid the phenomenal world. The practice of non-meditation is ceasing to be the see-er, hearer or speaker while eyes, ears and mouths are fulfilling their function in daily life."  -Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei

Monday, July 07, 2008


WARNING - This video contains content not intended for people under the age of 18.  If you are easily offended, do not watch.  

Secondly, you must FIRST watch the clip immediately below this one to understand why this is so funny.  J'Adore.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


You remember our total closet case friend, Neil Rasmus, right? How could you forget him?  We just wanted you to check out his man cleavage in this pic!  Look at the way he's looking at us, wanting us with all his J'Adorosity.  Should we give him a chance? We're not sure.  It might ruin the friendship and that would destroy us.  We'll definitely think about it though.


We haven't J'Adored you in a few days, and that makes us sad. We had an incredibly heavy weekend that began on Friday with a sushi lunch and ended on Monday with the decision to embark on a new journey....a new beginning of sorts.  We'll fill you in on that a little later.  It's not time to do it now.

Conversely, we also have been keeping ourselves from writing about the Closing of Restaurant Florent because it saddens us so much.  It was our home away from home for so long, but today, we found a photo which made us laugh.  It made us laugh because we can't imagine a more perfect way for Florent, which has been a meatpacking staple for over 28 years, to bid New York City adieu.  A simple action that speaks so very loudly.  

With its trademark humor, Florent has closed its doors and removed the letter L from its name in the window, letting the world know that the space is now available or "F orent".  Genius. Simply genius.