Friday, August 31, 2007


It is being reported today by The Times of London, that artist Damien Hirst has sold his diamond masterpiece entitled For the Love of God for $100 million to an investment group which is requesting to stay anonymous. The piece is the skull of a man who died in the 18th or 19th century, and it is encrusted in over 8,500 ethically sourced diamonds!

This is the HIGHEST price ever paid for a piece by a living artist! We don't have the breath to even whispher J'Adore!


We were quite disappointed when we visited our most J'Adored store, BODUM, in the meatpacking district the other day. At first, the signs in the window saying everything was 50% off got us all excited, but when we asked them "Why the big sale?", they said that they were closing down their NYC flagship due to ridiculous increases in rent.

Bodum is most famous for their coffee presses and their double walled cups, pictured above. The cups are genius. No need for a handle, and the double walls act as insulation keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drink cold, all the while, keeping your hand a comfortable temperature to enjoy your favorite boisson. J'Adore!


We didn't want to post anything about the Senator Larry Craig bathroom scandal because, honestly, we don't have the time or the interest to give our hypocritical and corrupt leaders. They're all such full of bullshit, and we're totally over it.

BUT....our most J'Adored boy, Michael K, over at DListed! posted this photo today which he found on Unconfirmed Sources, and we totally LOLed! Come on! It's totally photoshopped, but it's pretty fucking funny, no? J'Adore!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


We need to take a moment to talk amongst J'Adorables. When we started this site almost two years ago now, it was meant for our friends and family. Over that time, our friends and family have grown exponentially. You, our readers, have become part of us. This site is a place for all of us to come together and J'Adore each other!


There has been some hatred going on....specifically, in regard to our good friends Simone Bent and Troy Garrity, and even more specifically, from the Fort Worth, Texas area. Nasty comments have been left. Jealous words have been spewed. Immature behavior has been portrayed.

Whoever you are...."Noemie" be exact....We'd appreciate it if you left your bitter, lonely and unworthy comments to yourself. Try to make the best out of your pathetic life down south and leave the rest of us be to J'Adore each other and to share the J'Adorosity for which this site is meant.


We know we haven't been posting as regularly as you'd like us to, but we have a good reason. Our BFF, Mr. Darryl Gibson, came swooping threw town this past weekend wreaking CHAOS on all of New York City! We Will Never Forget! 9/11 WHAT?!

Anyway, you'll remember Darryl from our alcoholic lunches in Los Angeles with Simone Bent, for who, coincidentally, Darryl was in town. He and us went to her fabulous little black tie wedding to the J'Adorable Troy Garrity last Saturday night. We were all dolled up in our tuxedoes. It was 96 degrees out with 90% humidity! We dropped a J'Adorable 18 pounds in water weight that night alone! We had sweat puddles in our shoes! Je N'Adore Pas!

We turned it out major at the wedding, then we went to meet our J'Adorably HOT friend Will Wikle at Mr. Black where we got all hot and sweaty subterranean style thumpin' and bumpin' with all the 'mos a boy could handle!

We don't even want to tell you about the rest of the night at Glass and Bungalow 8 cuz it's just too embarassing....let's just say it involved a bar fight, a surfboard, Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical, a stoned DJ name Uncle Mike and a bacon cheeseburger with fries! Nuff said. J'Adore!

The next day it was back to Bungalow 8 where Darryl hosted an intimate gathering for all his fans to come pay homage to him while he was in town. We went because the invite said 11pm - 1am and we thought it would be a cute little cap to a fabulous weekend before we hit the hay by 2am. We should have known better!

The entire crew from back in the day showed up!!! Errickson Wilcox, Nan Lily Cho, Sid Haywood, Lelaine Lau, Anthony Henderson, Troy Cain, Billy Farrell, Tiana, Huey Morgan, Dreni (our most J'Adored baretender EVER) and countless others! We all ended up at the Sunday night party at Hiro! We thought we had turned out it the night before?!?! Hardly!!!

When we tell you that Darryl gave it to us and about 300 others in that room to Beyonce's Deja Vu remix by Miss Honey Dijon, we fuckin' mean it! We weren't able to walk for hours after! We haven't danced like that since we were trapped in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Los Angeles circa 1994 with Lady Miss Kier from Deee-lite!

We left Hiro and tried to make it over to APT, but we just couldn't. We had to bid the family adieu at around 4:30am, but that didn't stop THEM! They kept going and went back to Mr. Black, same place from the night before, turning it on and on til 6 in the morn'! Woooork!

We eventually ended our weekend visit with the J'Adorable Mr. Gibson with another alcoholic lunch on Monday afternoon at Bar Pitti with the ever fabulous Errickson Wilcox, a.k.a. Eson.

We weren't glad to see Darryl go, but our liver sure as hell was!

Until the next time he returns....and in the meantime, we're calling the government to come in and help us repair all the damage! J'Adore!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


When Leona Helmsley died a couple of weeks back, we stood up and let out a very loud J'ADORE!!! Although we didn't know her, we had grown up hearing tales of her torridly terrible reign over her hotels, her staff and even her hotel guests! Remember that incident with the gays?

Anyway, CNN ran this story today saying that the Queen of Mean left her damn dog, a Maltese named Trouble, a fucking $12 million trust fund!!! What the hell is a dog going to do with all that money??? Meanwhile, two of her four grandchildren were given absolutely nothing for "reasons that are known to them".

Honestly, I hope the Devil knows what he's in for once she finally arrives in HELL, if she's not there already. Part us of thinks she had a one way express ticket!


We're not sure if any of you saw this editorial from this past Sunday's NY Times T Magazine, entitled Slick Puppy featuring Czech supermodel Denisa Dvorakova and shot by Fabien Baron, but we're all about J'Adoring it.

Clean and architecturally forceful, the clothes, the lighting and the hair and makeup all come together to show you exactly what you should aspire to this fall. If you need any help with this, feel free to email us.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Okay. Really quick. Over lunch today, our most J'Adored friend, Eson, informed us of a practice of which we had never heard and which we don't completely understand. It was stated that there are certain men (sexuality not relevant) who, after finishing intercourse with their partner, take their used condoms, tie them up and then leave them on the nightstand as a "gift"!!!

Who the hell does that and what the hell is the point?!?! Ew! Je N'Adore Pas!!! If any of you know what the hell this is about, please email us and let us know ASAP!


We just popped a mini whitehead, and it was so just whatever! Remember when you would get those big zits that just exploded all over the mirror and then bled for the rest of the day? We miss those days. We don't miss having the zits. (Our skin is pretty flawless.) We just miss the days we had the opportunity to pop them. Anyway. We're going to bed. J'Adore Night!

Monday, August 27, 2007


We are so excited right now because Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has once again fallen upon us! And what does that mean to you, oh couturely challenged J'Adorables? Probably nothing. But to us it means having our beloved New York City swarmed with gorgeous models from all over the world running from fitting to casting to another fitting to a meeting with their drug dealer to one more casting! It's truly J'Adorable!

Just today while we were lunching with our friends at Bar Pitti we were overcome by hundreds of legs longer than the eye can see and muscles more finely toned than ours!!!

On the downside, we're faced with FIERCE COMPETITION for the next two weeks, so you model bitches better watch out! Cuz you're going down!


In this world, the wise one holds onto confidence and wisdom. Those are the greatest treasures; all other riches are pushed aside. - Buddha

Saturday, August 25, 2007


The other night we were just hangin' with our friends when out of nowhere one of us started with Prince's Let's Go Crazy...."Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called life...." But we couldn't remember all the words, so we looked them on the net, and we were a bit surprised by what we found.

In the chorus, it says, "Let's Go Crazy! Let's Go Nuts! Let's look for the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck! Let's Go!"

WTF? Purple Banana??? Truck??? Did anyone know that these were the words??? All these years, and this is what we were trying to sing? Who knew? Between you and us, if we ever come up to you and ask you to help us look for a purple banana, PLEASE just throw us in a truck and send us away!

Click here for full lyrics.


Two muffins are sitting in an oven. One muffin says, "Damn! It's HOT in here!" And the other muffin says, "Holy Shit! A talking muffin!!!"

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Last night we called our most J'Adorable cousin/downstairs neighbor, Monica Thompson, because we hadn't seen her in forever and we needed to J'Adore her pronto! So she invited us down for some homemade minestrone soup, and since we had a bit of a sore throat, we accepted her kind invitation.

Can we tell you how good her damn soup was?!?! It was SO good that we've nicknamed her Monie Minestrone! (That's pronounced MOH-nee Min-es-STRO-nee). Yup. She even gave us some to take home with us, and we're J'Adoring it as we type. Actually, we're eating it as we type, but we digress...

Don't be jealous just cuz YOUR neighbors run and hide when they see you coming! J'Adore!


New York Magazine has just introduced SHOPAMATIC, their online window shopping utility where their editors shop NYC's hottest stores so you don't have to! From chairs, rugs, lamps, beds to tables, the chicest that New York has to offer in home design is found right there at your fingertips. Ummm, we totally J'Adore that!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yo Mama So Fat, When We Yell "Hey, Kool Aid!",

She Comes Crashing Through The Wall!


Our boys over at The Fagat Guide posted a "Why You Are Gay" piece today trying to tell us it was because of Quantum Leap and Remington Steele. We've got a few years on them, so they're not totally right in our case.

We like to think we're gay because of Voyagers! And when we say gay, we don't mean it in the "I want to be your underaged sidekick and hope we find a warm pile of hay to lay in tonight" type of way, but rather, in the "OMG! We love history too!!! Can we get one of those compass thingies with the red and green lights?!" type of way.

Either way. You're pretty gay.


We don't have the words to describe this. You just have to watch and J'Adore. Click the link if it doesn't play above.

Thanks to Chris Tennant of Radar Magazine for sending it in to us!


One thing that drives us more crazy than anything else are people that have no understanding when and where to use their techno-gadgets! Chatting on the phone while at dinner. Typing on the blackberry while you're trying to talk to them. Instant messaging while driving. It makes us so mad we wanna pull a Naomi Campbell and smash our own cell phones into their heads!

So we were quite excited to read this CNN piece on high-tech etiquette today which was sent to us by our J'Adorable little sister Joyce who, she herself, is a repeat offender!

Did you know that 81% of people polled were irritated in one way or another by public cell phone use? And 1 in 10 people have been given dirty looks or made comments to in regard to their total lack of regard for those around them.

Do us all a favor and take the time to read this piece. It's your civic duty! J'Adore!


NY Magazine ran this story today about someone in Chelsea giving crystal meth to unsuspecting dogs at the West 22nd Street dog run! At first they thought it was an accident, but now 1 dog has died and many others have fallen ill. Honestly? WTF? Who the hell gives a dog crystal meth?

Actually, we just remembered a story from our youth in Los Angeles. Friends of our friends once gave their cat some cocaine mixed in with her food and about an hour later they found the cat walking really slowly BACKWARDS around the backyard patio table! That's sort of mean, but if you don't consider the animal cruelty part, it's J'Adorably funny.

Our favorite quote of the piece is "Many will probably think that the obvious culprits — those damn meth-loving Chelsea gays — are behind this, but if there's anything that gang treasures more than sleeveless tees, it's puppies."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


OMG, BITCHES! Two of our most favorite things in the world just came all over each other and presented themselves to us in the most J'Adorable of ways! The Golden Girls and Clueless!!! We're a bit too tired to try to be funny, so just watch the damn video and see if you like it yourselves.


We're sorry, but we J'ADORE J'ADORE J'ADORE J'ADORE J'ADORE J'ADORE J'ADORE Merrill Howard Kalin!

He's just so good and tasty and mmmmmm and mmmm and MMMMMMMM!!! He makes our mouthes so yummy!

We're sorry. We just can't.

We're Julia Childs. No. We're Raquel Welch. No! Wait! We're Spice Gourmet.

We are sooooooooo going to hell!!!


Just watch and J'Adore!


Last night, we were at our favorite little West Chelsea spot, Pepe Giallo, enjoying our gorgeous plate of penne bolognese and a glass of Orvieto while reading the Fall Fashion issue of New York Magazine (which, by the way, has the most J'Adorable editorial shot by Jason Kibble called On Edge which you MUST check out), but we digress, yet again...

So we're wining and dining, and we turn the page to find the most offensive Look Book they've ever run! The offense isn't political but more social, one could say. Just because it's the fashion issue, must you run two stupid gold-digging models on bikes who have no idea who Rocco di Spirito is? (Actually, the not knowing Rocco di Spirito thing was their only saving grace. We totally Je N'Adore Pas him MAJOR!)

Anyway, we really wanted those two minutes of our life spent reading their mindless quotes back ASAP!

"Last weekend, we went to Croatia. We went to Sardinia the weekend before that. We went to the Bahamas six or seven times this winter."



We just J'Adore our boy, Michael K., over at DListed!, and when we received the above photo today from a friend of ours up in Westchester, we knew that we had to send it to him.

No. Our friend is NOT one of the bitches in the picture.

Anyway, so we sent it over to Michael K. to see if he'd want to run it as one of his Caption This! postings, and he did!

We just find it so funny how we all make the world go round. Check in to DListed! tomorrow to see the winning caption!


We J'Adore history major over here at the J'Adore Joey offices. We love to know about the spread of civilization, the development of languages, the dirty origins of Greco Roman wrestling! J'Adore!

So when we were referred to Maps Of War, we totally J'Adored all over ourselves. It offered some clarity to the development of a part of the world that at many times is quite confusing.


You know why you have to J'Adore the Lebanese? Because after 15 years of civil war that completely destroyed the country, after being consistently raped by the Syrian government and after 9 months of crippling wars in the outer edges of the country, they still know how to party and how to live life. It's the only way to survive really.

Reuters featured this story today on a fashion show in the town of Damour just outside of Beirut. We're not too sure how those three fat guys with titties managed to make it front row. We're thinking that this show didn't really have any publicists doing seating, but we digress.

We just J'Adore seeing life moving forward when at times there might be no life to see.

Monday, August 20, 2007


We don't watch television over here at the J'Adore Joey offices. Yes, sometimes we miss the Discovery Channel and the History Channel and those reruns of the Golden Girls on Lifetime Television, but we make due. We've got YOU instead! J'Adore!

We're not sure how this came across our desk, but we sure do love us some Stewie from The Family Guy. Makes us want to call our local cable provider, but we're not going to.

J'Adore Stewie being gay in all his gayness. Actually, Stewie is Bi, but we digress...


J'Adore, Bitches!!! Sorry it took us so long to post today. We actually had some work to do. We accidentally knocked over our paperclip holder and had to re-colorcode over 150 damn paperclips. We were NOT happy campers!

In any case, we were in for quite a SHOCK earlier this afternoon when we logged on to our favorite little online publication, Fashion Week Daily, only to find that they given themselves a full makeover!

Gone was the pink and yellow monstrosity we used to J'Adore and in was the cleanest, whitest, chicest little homepage we ever did see!

We do like the new fashion calendar listing all upcoming events, but we hate that we have to click through four pages to read an item that would have taken up 4 paragraphs on one page on the old site.

We're not very good with change over here at J'Adore Joey, but we'll cum around. We always do!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


We're going to be going out to the beach tomorrow for the weekend, so we just wanted to let you know that we'll be J'Adoring you again early next week. Thanks for always checking in, and we'll J'Adore you later. xoxo

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You know we don't normally like to post photos of ourselves, but when we came across this baby picture of us, we totally J'Adored it and just had to share it with you.


We just heard that our friend and favorite 'mocialite, Thom Filicia, is going to make a baby with his boyfriend, Greg Calejo. Well, the two of them are not actually going to make it (but you know they try every night!!!) One of Thom's girlfriends is going to loan her eggs and her uterus for the baby which will be named Lake if it's a girl and Lago if it's a boy. (Lago is lake in Spanish for those of you who aren't J'Adorelingual.)


We just ate 5 of them!


If you don't know, now you know. Candis Cayne is our IDOL! One of the hottest trannies out there, Ms. Cayne works our J'Adoration to the bone! And we mean BONE! What are we talking about? We're a bit hungover today, and we have no idea what we're saying.

Anyway, above is a video of Candis doing God Warrior. You know. The God Warrior from wife swap. The video is below. Whatever. Just watch both videos. We're going to take a nap. Our head is throbbing.

Monday, August 13, 2007


The Madison Avenue Business Improvement District has announced the final installation of Karim Rashid's newsracks all along Madison Avenue. This contemporary piece of "street furniture" will replace four boxes that previously housed The New York Times, The New York Post and various other publications including The Gotham Writer's Workship and The Learning Annex.

The piece which is being billed as "a stylish synergy of artistic shape and ergonomic funtionality" is made of fiberglass and measures 74" wide, 40" tall and 24" deep. Seventy-five boxes have been installed in total, and they can be found in the area spanning 60th to 86th Streets on Madison Avenue. J'Adore!


In the beginning, there was nothing.....which exploded!
-The Shortened Big Bang Theory

Sunday, August 12, 2007


We had the most amazing of days today! Last night, after a few sips (aka bottles) of wine, we decided we were going to go to Sandy Hook, NJ, most famously known for its nude beaches. We're not nudists at all, but it was gorgeous in NYC this weekend and we'd never been, so what's a little tits, ass and balls every now and then (hopefully not on the same person!!!).

We woke up really early and headed down to Pier 11 at the South Street Seaport to catch the 40 minute ferry ride over. We were met with some obstacles, but we overcame them, as we always do, and made it onto the ferry, and we were on our way!

We arrived, and when we got off the ferry, it was not what we expected at all! It looked like colonial Williamsburg which is so NOT a nudist beach. Where were our highly anticipated tits, ass and balls?!?! We later learned that Sandy Hook was a (former?) military base and hence all the tract homes circa 1944...

We finally arrived to the beach after a horrendous 5 minute shuttle ride on a mini yellow school bus! It felt like 5 hours, but we digress. We were excited to see what J'Adorosities this beach was awaiting to spew upon us, but being that this was a nude beach, we knew that our camera would most probably not be welcome.

This 80 year old woman was laying out her towel upon which to lay and sun her naked loins....or so we turned out that it was NOT a towel at all, but rather, her LABIA MAJORA which she was discreetly trying to conceal! We squealed and ran in the opposite direction!!!

Why must nudists always go shell hunting which always entails BENDING OVER towards unexpecting sunbathers! If we wanted to see axe wounds, we'd rent Friday the 13th from Blockbuster! JE N'ADORE PAS!

We didn't know that beach patrol were also allowed to go nude!!! I'm sure after a long day on that ATV our poor little patrol boy needed a massage to the rear.....or at least some moisturizer. Can't be fun in the sun!

We sooooo wish we had brought some band aids with us because this 3oo pound woman couldn't have enjoyed dragging her bloody nipples along the sand the way she was! That shit must hurt MAJOR! If those breats hung any lower, they would have been trailing yards behind!

This one we so didn't understand. This bitch of a ho was doing a straight up naked hand stand in the middle of the ocean....nothing but spread legs and va-jay-jay pointing to the sun! WTF?! Was she trying to trap a seagull? Was it a message to extraterrestrials to come and beam her up? All we know is that for those 10 seconds of a hand stand, the beach was overcome with a rancid stank of week old tuna in a can left out in the sun!

This little troupe of boys were all the rage this afternoon. They were giving you MEAT and greet all the way from one end of the beach to the other! Not one person they wouldn't stop to say hello to. OVER HERE! HELLOOOO!!!

The only real unfortunate thing to happen to us today was the fact that we had to plop ourselves down right next to a VERY naked Robert Isabel. If you don't know him, don't try to get to know him. He's a bitter BITTER event planner queen from the Studio 54 days. If you want to know what tired and tacky is, look him up. He's listed and located in the meatpacking district....Je N'Adore Pas! And to add to his misery, his little friend is really small and shriveled up!

By 7:30pm, we were back in lower Manhattan looking all tanned and gorgeous with our nether regions still tingling from all the salt water in which they partook! J'Adore nude sunbathing! It's really not that stressful except for that one moment where your eyes might fall up on glistening bodies and your favorite member might stand up at attention and say J'ADORE! But until then, keep your champagne wishes and caviar dreams alive! We know we do!


We have never been fans of Jimmy Kimmel.....EVER! But this take on the Bourne Ultimatum is pretty fucking funny. Watch and J'Adore!


We just received this commercial from a friend of ours in Brazil who said he couldn't stop laughing every time he watched it. At first, we were like, "Dude! It's a hair commercial!", but then we watched it, we actually did let out an audible chuckle. Probably because we can totally relate. We give gorgeous shiny hair on the daily! J'Adore!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Listen up, Bitches! We want you to meet our good friend Xander. When we tell you that this bitch is the most J'Adorably SICK person we've ever known, you know we ain't lying.

We met this one in September of 2002 at 5 in the morning after we had finished working the Stella McCartney store opening party (which was beyond J'Adorable in itself).

We went to Bungalow 8 at around 2 to see our other partner in crime, Darryl Gibson, and after a long night of partying, we went to Cafeteria for an early morning meal. We walk into the place and there was Xander wearing nothing but leather hot pants, a leather collar with 2 foot long leather strands and a 5 foot feather sticking out of his afro-hawk! SICK SICK SICK!

It was only after he had finished his 20 minute runway presentation that we were able to order, but that's the price you pay for being allowed to observe him in all his glory.

In our 11 years in NYC, we have never met anyone that gives you self-identity like Xander does. He loves you. He loves himself. And he certainly would never care if you gave him a Je N'Adore Pas! Cuz who are YOU?!?! WORK! J'ADORE!

Friday, August 10, 2007


This is one of our most J'Adored videos of all time. With Sofia Coppola, Debi Mazar and that freaky German guy that's everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, Madonna turned it out, giving us an anthem for our late teens to which we would bump hips for years thereafter. Plus, the video is set in our hometown of Los Angeles, and that's BEYOND J'Adorable!

Do we want to talk about the symbolism in the balloons or shall we just leave it be on a Friday night?


This footage of supposed UFOs was shot over Haiti on the evening of August 6, 2007. Okay, bitches. We would J'ADORE to know that aliens are flying over earth, but we find it so fucking hard to believe. Why can't we just capture one and show the world they exist so that we can just move on???

We personally don't believe we are alone in the universe. With George W. Bush as the most powerful man in the free world, there's got to be more to aspire to. Give us a damn alien. A spacecraft. A new narcotic. What? Who said that?

Whatever. We want to believe. We really do. But we're not going to until someone drops some alien DNA in our lap......and we don't mean THAT way.....dirrrrrty. You guys are always so dirrrrty. Jeez.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


One of our most J'Adored fragrances is Pasha by Cartier. Launched in 1992, this fragrance embodies the travels of the Cartier brothers, specifically Louis, to India in the early 1900s. With its notes of mint, citrus, musk, amber and moss, it's the perfect fragrance for the daytime.


There was a piece in the New York Times on Tuesday which reported that Thai police officers are being punished for showing up late, littering, parking in the wrong spot or whatever by wearing pink Hello Kitty armbands! Hello Kitty is supposed to be for little girls not macho police officers, it was stated. J'Adore! We'd totally wear one every day!


Our good friend, Kevin Dickson, from In Touch Magazine in Los Angeles just posted these two unbelievable videos of "Jimmy" on his MySpace. Above is the Bollywood classic and below is M.I.A.'s anthem cover! They're both just BEYOND J'Adorable! You have to watch the end of the Bollywood version. WTF?!?!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Oh, J'Adorable Bitches....promise us you'll never get old! Today we turned 32 years old, and we could have never imagined coming this far so soon. Where does the time go? We still look 24, and we're way too J'Adorable to actually complain but birthdays when you're old just aren't the same!

Above, Jackson Pollock's Number 32, 1950, enamel on canvas, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007



This past weekend, Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry was all over the radio, and although we didn't like it at first, it started growing on us and now we totally J'Adore it! But there's one thing.... we don't understand the line that goes "I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket..." WTF? We're letting that one go.

And in other big girls not crying news, we came across this monstrosity of a video. It makes us wrench in disgust thrusting us deep into a Je N'Adore Pas state of mind, but it's bizarrely addicting. We actually watched it til the end.


We can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had this weekend. We went out to Long Island to see our very good friends, Zaiya Latt and Shirley Mallmann, and they showed us the time of our lives! They took to us a clambake in the middle of the bay just off of Bellport. Literally, we were anchored in the MIDDLE OF THE BAY digging for clams and BBQing them right there on the water! Above are Matt, Zaiya, Patricia, Shirley, and the J'Adorable little Axil posing on the ladder.

The scene of the bake! Three boats were anchored behind us!

Digging for clams! Thank God it wasn't crabs!

The floating BBQ!

Katie, Liz & Kyle....poster children for underage drinking!

Our Master of Ceremonies, Jack Antos! He was totally giving us Britney Spears with his seaweed wig. She should look into it. Would look better than the mess she's got now!

The J'Adorelicious Zaiya Latt!

Matt drank a little bit too much, and we lost him for about an hour. We eventually found him laying on the bay floor. Luckily, three codfish were giving him mouth to mouth and keeping him going!

We didn't get this one's name, but we could have sworn we saw him in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue circa 2003.

A little video of the clambake in action!