Tuesday, June 26, 2007


One of our most favorite beaches in all of Los Angeles is El Matador State Beach. It's one of the city's hidden gems located about one mile passed Zuma beach. It's isolated, tranquil and serene, and the beach has very limited parking which in turn limits the number of people on its gorgeous sands.

The beauty of this beach is all the massive rock formations which stand free in the water and and which jut out from the cliff in turn dividing the beach into three secluded sections. It's these secluded stretches of beach that draw nude sunbathers and freaks alike!

On the day we visited, we were the only ones on the second beach. We felt like were on an episode of LOST. We kept an eye out for Desmond, but he never showed up.

Around 1:00pm, we were joined by the most unexpected little visitor! A baby seal just pulled up out of the ocean and plopped down for some much deserved sunbathing and relaxation.

We went in for a closer look, and baby seal freaked out just a bit. He thought we were going to pull out our club and beat him over the head. We are in need of some seal skin pants, but we're not looking to go out and hunt for them on the beach. We'll just swing by Gucci next week.

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