Tuesday, February 03, 2009


As of late, we've totally canceled all of our subscriptions because we're over your issues, but yesterday, the hot Lady J'Adore aka Claire Darrow, sent us a link to Arkitip's Issue #50 which features haute hotelier to the masses, AndrĂ© Balazs...on all fours...just the way we like him, but we digress.

This issue focuses on the creative side of AndrĂ©'s work, his obsessions and his "attention to detail" as the magazine puts it. We'll leave it to you to decided what that means.  So why are we telling you all this?  Because!  And this is too J'Adorable...  

Along with each issue comes one of four limited edition illustrations commissioned from Andrew Holder, each one depicting a different Balazs property. (The new New York Standard pictured above.) J'Adore!  There are only 1500 illustrations, and each one is signed.

The issue goes on sale February 9th.  One magazine with one illustration will cost you $30, but you can order all four illustrations for only $85.  You can pre-order them by visiting the Standard Hotel Shop.

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