Saturday, October 21, 2006


The other day we were just cruising along the web, and we don't know how we found him (we might have Googled "Kentucky Gays with Dynasty Hair"), but we happened across William Sledd. And we collectively J'Adored!

This little Southern gay is armed with a MAC computer and a video camera, and he's spewing hysterical fashion advice, baking tips and all around video fun!

Below is our favorite video where Will brings on to the scene his number one fag hag, Stephanie, and they go through the ins and outs of denim today.

Click below to visit William's site, and make sure you go to his You Tube page where you're able to view all of his videos in one place.
Make sure you find the video titled RAW, UNCUT, UNEDITED, JUST ME where William decides that he can't talk about his problems, so he just THINKS about them! J'Adore!



mrsgranger3 said...

i love william sledd!

kdsjhfkssdaf said...

william is so funny!!! =]