Thursday, December 14, 2006


We know. We know. We haven't been posting, and Art Basel is already old news, but wait!!!! We have a good excuse! We've been busy at our day jobs producing fab events. We know. We know. That's ALWAYS our excuse, but it's true! We do this blog for YOU. For FREE! So, you're just going to have to wait 'til we have the time. Anyway, we spent a J'Adorable week down in Miami Beach for the cluster fuck that is the Art Basel Fair, and hilarity ensued... When we call it Art Frazzle, we REALLY mean it!

Our week started with two nights of tastings at the new and J'Adorelicious Lido restaurant at The Standard Miami! Yes, there was more than ONE reservation made. This was just the first one!

The first night, we dined with our favorite Colombian, Juan Carlos Arcila Duque...actually, he's our second favorite. Our first favorite Colombian we are not allowed to mention by name as he's in the "export" business, and we don't want his cartel to kill us. Nuff said.

After dinner, we cozied up to the bar for a digestif only to find the gorgeous Jason Harler getting even cozier with the J'Adoriffic Claire Darrow. Poor Jason is still trying to prove his manhood even though we all know he's lighter in the loafers than Anderson Cooper!

After the night's festivities, we took part in what would become a nightly ritual while staying at The Standard Miami....a midnight swim in the 80 degree infinity pool! J'ADORE!

You all know we love taking photos of ourselves, cuz we're narcissistic hookers over here, but when our J'Adorable underwater camera produced this photo of near auto-fellatio, we J'Adored all over ourselves! Can this photo be any more J'Adorable? We think not!

Walking back to our room we felt like we were cruisin' the boardwalks on Fire Island! Shadowy characters lurking in their terrace bathtubs hidden behind nothing but sheer flowy fabric...we're surprised we didn't get more action!

The Miami Standard is a spa hotel, in case you didn't know, and the wet rooms all have bathtubs on their terrace. Lord only knows we got anything BUT wet on our trip down to Miami...(I hope you know we're totally playing the virgin here and we're totally lying!)

It was back to work the next day, and that meant visiting the famed Raleigh Hotel which was host to many of Art Basel's main attractions. Here we see the Raleigh pool where Esther Williams filmed many of her aquatic masterpieces. If only we had taken synchronized swimming in college instead of that utterly useless international business course!

When we tell you Cubans got it going ON, you best believe us! The J'Adored Emilia Menocal gives us some hot ASS Cuban action while we play with her in the waterfall! Victoria Secret has got NOTHING on us!

After our first two events on Tuesday night were finally over, we needed to let off some steam in a major way. Luckily, our most J'Adored supermodels, Magdalena Wrobel and Shirley Mallmann, were coincidentally down in Miami and joined us at J'Adorable Jennie Yip's Buck 15.

We also ran into Hottie McHotstuff, Gabby Mejia, that night. Bitch was TURNING IT OUT on the turntables wearing nothing but some vintage John Galliano as one normally does on a Tuesday night!

Wednesday night's dinner for Jimmy Choo really wrecked us, so when Billy Farrell invited us up to the Patrick McMullan headquarters at the Ritz Carlton for some champagne, we couldn't refuse. It was only when we saw the mess of four photographers living together in one room that we reconsidered our stance on refusal!

The rest of the night proved rather uneventful, until we ended up at Sante D'Orazio's book party. As you can see, Sante and Tico Mugrabi were having a lot more fun than we were!

Outside in the garden, we ran into Jackie Astier and Peter Davis who obviously were over all the paparazzi shooting them all night. You'd think after flying them both to Istanbul, they would at least stop and pose for a picture for us!

Wednesday's nightly swim brought with it great fear and trepidation. Lurking in the water, we thought we had run into the much fabled Hot Ness Monster!

Upon closer inspection, we realized that it was not the Hot Ness Monster, but rather, the J'Adorosity that is Lehua Chong! Work it out, co-worker Bitch!

The moon that evening kept us curiously J'Adoring it all night. A bit hazy, a tad brighter than normal and mysteriously accompanied by a suspicious ring. Fellow midnight swimmers referred to it as The Harvest Moon, but we doubted them as the Harvest Moon generally appears in September.

The next day, the ringmaster himself, Mr. Andre Balazs, stopped by The War Room (actually my hotel room), to see from where all things were being commandeered. He snapped this photo and left feeling content. Little did he know we were orchestrating the return of US troops from Iraq, but as long as he thought we were working on his projects, we were all in the clear!

Thursday night was the most anticipated night of the week. With all the hottest parties happening then, we didn't know where we should start. We began with Yvonne Force Villareal and Mark Fletcher's garden dinner at The Standard Miami.

We bumped into the J'Adorgeous Casey Spooner giving fierce Kuwaiti fashion!

In the crowd, we spotted our two most favorite artistes du jour, Jack Pierson and Fernando Santangelo. They hadn't yet noticed us, so we just kept J'Adoring on our own.

WWD's J'Adorable Elisa Lipsky-Karazs pulled up a towel next to us for dinner.

After dinner, we, with Jack Pierson, Hugo Guiness, Joseph Sheftel and Fernando Santangelo, headed over to catch Dita von Teese's shameless Viva Glam cowboy spectacle at the Delano .

We're really a bit too ashamed to tell you what transpired that evening after this photo was taken...

...what we CAN tell you is that we came home at 7:00am to find our most J'Adored friend, Chris, in our bed in nothing but his American Apparel underwear! Just the way we J'Adore him! (Obviously, the above photo is not of Chris in our bed. Actually, we don't even know the above guy, but Chris was wearing the same shorts in you figure it out.)

As our week came to a close with cloudy skies and gale force winds, we passed by the pool to say goodbye to it, only to find crazy ass Kate Schelter taking a casual hurricane swim! That bitch has got to lay off the sauce!

After a week of The Frazzle at Basel, we were J'Adoring finally being home.


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hahaha love it. C. Tennant is going to KILL you... xo miss you!

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Lookin great Magda!