Saturday, December 09, 2006


We're furiously going through our photos, files and empty bottles of tequila from last week's maddening Art Basel Fair in Miami Beach in order to bring you the latest from the fair, but in the meantime, we didn't want to leave you a whole week with out something to J'Adore!

So, today we're J'Adoring British artist, Jessica Craig Martin, and our favorite photograph of hers! This is NYC's finest man about town, Anthony Haden Guest, and if our memory serves us correctly, this photo was taken at Indochine's 20th Anniversary party which we helped organize in November of 2004!

Obviously, Anthony had a little too much fun that night, and Jessica had even more fun taking the picture! Let's all J'Adore JESSICA CRAIG MARTIN together now!

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Anonymous said...

eww - how annoying is anonymous. hate that sh!t... anyway how is the most jadorable joey? do you miss me? do you miss my messy desk and drawers and staring contests? i bet... i think she might want to hire me back, given my recent good behavior - what do you think? ps. i like this photo too. though i suggest you post the other one -- you know... the one that i left on your wallpaper screen awhile back? xxx anshitz