Sunday, January 07, 2007


Not only did we hear from Douglas Friedman today (see below), but our other most J'Adored West Coaster, Darryl Gibson, just emailed us photos from his fabulous time in Marrakech over the New Year! Did everyone go someplace exotic over the holidays except for us?!? Je N'Adore Pas!

Anyway, how gorgeous is Darryl giving you Adidas chic in front of ages old Moroccan Mosaic?

Darryl has always told us about his kinky fetish of pretending to be a floor lamp while boys turn him on and off, but we think this guy wants his hat back. Ne C'est Pas?

Traveling to exotic lands always brings with it foreign customs that confuse and amaze us, but we're totally beside ourselves trying to figure out why these bitches are fishing for Coca-Cola bottles. Can't they just go to the local deli like everyone else?

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