Sunday, February 04, 2007


We were so blown away by the poetic nature of this little moth when we first heard about it on Friday that we almost shed a tear in J'Adoration. But we knew that one tear could prove dangerous, so we refrained...

A new species of moth found in Madagascar was discovered not too long ago feeding on the tears of sleeping magpie robins using a probiscis shaped like a harpoon. These types of moths have been seen previously in Africa feeding on the tears of larger animals which cannot easily brush away their hungry parasite, but never before have they seen them feeding on birds.

The moth stealthily inserts its probiscis, pictured above, underneath the eyelid of its prey and gently anchors it to the eyeball where it feeds away until statiated. At first it was believed that these moths were in search of salt as the local Madagascan soils are very low in sodium, but researchers are still investigating the ways of this freaky flying insect.

J'Adore poetry in nature!

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