Friday, February 09, 2007


In memory of Anna Nicole Smith, born Vickie Lynn Hogan, we would like to tell you the J'Adorable story of when the stars all aligned, and the heavens brought their angel into our lives for just one brief moment in time.

It was a Thursday in 1993, and it was 18 & over night at Studio One in West Hollywood. We spotted Anna Nicole dancing all over the place with some old guy who kept shoving his face into her cavernous cleavage. She was obviously under the influence. We J'Adored her and kept partying with our friends.

Not too long after, we were at the bar ordering a Pepsi (cuz we didn't have our fake ID yet), and we felt a tap on our shoulder. We turned to find Anna Nicole trying to focus in on us, but she was too wasted to see straight.

She slurred "Hiiiii! I'm Anna Nicole! Do yoooouuuu want my autograph??" We pretended not to know who she was (she was in the GUESS campaign at the time), but we said sure anyway. She asked our name. We said Joey. She screamed at the bartender to give her a napkin and a pen.

She began signing her autograph, and after writing Joey, she thought she had fucked up our name, so she said OOPS! and wrote that down too. But she was so drunk that our autograph now will forever read:

J'Adore In Peace, Vickie Lynn.


Anonymous said...


Missed a great dinner, huh? But at least the world knows how you feel about this life altering occasion.


Dawn Olsen said...

She had a special sweetness to her, despite the slurring and insanity, she seemed genuinely good-natured.

Nice story.

Big Daddy said...

It looks like she wrote 'OPP', like the Naughty By Nature song. Hey, that kind of fits.

Anonymous said...

She was beautiful and such a child. So good natured..she'll be missed.