Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Saturday night we were invited to a fun little downtown musical called The Strip (which we enjoyed, but we don't recommend until they figure out the narrative). Our host for the evening was the J'Adorable maestro of all things event planning, Bronson van Wyck, who we just find BEYOND!

Anyway, after the show, we were backstage, and somewhere in the background, we heard Mama Cass Elliot singing Make Your Own Kind of Music. We J'ADORE that song!!! Needless to say, that one moment set us off on a HUGE Mamas and The Papas spree where we downloaded practically all their music in a matter of hours.

This is just one of their live performances from some TV show back in the 60s. We J'ADORE the peeps in the bathtubs BIG TIME!


Joseph said...

Great Song, Concept is mildly confusing tho.

Big Daddy said...

Have you seen the British movie 'A Beautiful Thing'? One of the characters is obsessed with Mama Cass.