Friday, March 16, 2007


We would like for all of you to meet our latest J'ADORATION! Actually, we've been J'Adoring her a while now, but she just recently reminded us how much we J'Adore her, so here she is.....Ms. Sarah Sophie Flicker!!!

We first met this gorgeous ball of J'Adorosity when she made the trek all the way out to Istanbul last October for that fabulous fete we did for Zac Posen for Vakko! Below is a photo of us at Ulus 29, one of Istanbul's hottest little restaurants overlooking the Bosphorus.

Don't mind us, (we know it's hard), but look at La Flicker! J'Adore! Wreath in her hair! Gorgeous silver dress (or is it blue?)! The porcelain skin! Lashes that just SCREAM "Maybe It's Maybelline"!

Anyway, La Flicker is 8 months pregnant with her first baby girl which she has named Arrow! Shot through the heart, she'll be to blame....for sure!

You all can share the J'Adoration by catching La Flicker in The Citizen's Band. We're not sure when the next performance is, and at 8 months pregnant, we're not sure she'll be performing any time soon, but click the above link and check out what La Flicker and her friends are all about! J'ADORE!

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