Sunday, April 01, 2007


It's been a while since we've heard a hot little Maroon 5 jam. We must say that we were fans of their debut album Songs About Jane, and we sort of wondered to where they had disappeared.

Well evidently, they are back with this hot new track, called Make You Wonder, and an even hotter video. God! Why can't American Airlines be this chic? I'd pay double business class fares to get served by some bitch in a hot pink satin minidress and glowing lucite tray. It totally beats sitting next to that big 'ol fat farting thing that always seems to know when we're traveling and always seems to request the seat right next to us! JE N'ADORE PAS! But we totally J'Adore this video!

Also, when did the lead singer (we have no idea his name) get so HOT! We want to J'Adore all over his face....

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