Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We are sooooo back, Bitches! So happy to be home. Not that we don't love Los Angeles, but when we're gone for a little too long, we start to get anxiety. But now it's gone.

In regard to the photo above, we were just cruising around the internets this morning and came across it. Coincidentally, and we're not lying, last night when we landed at Newark airport, we were so excited to be home that we jumped up out of our seat and struck the EXACT SAME pose in the main aisle on the plane!!!

Unfortunately, we got yelled at by the flight attendant because the captain hadn't yet turned off the seatbelt sign, so we had to contain our excitement and sit our asses back down. Je N'Adore Pas!

So we're back to J'Adore you in every possible position we can. Grab the lube and a clean towel cuz we're cumming back at you.

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