Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Some of you may know one of my best friends as the guy who gave it to Hasselcrack, but to us, he's just little ol' Willona, or Mr. Will Wikle as his sex slaves like to call him.

Hailing from Tupelo, Mississippi, Will moved himself to NYC to work as a nurse to help all the little children in need. Then one day, the bitch got cast on Big Brother 5, then the bitch got his own radio show, then he was a coverboy for Instinct Magazine, and if that wasn't enough, he now also has his own travel show on the Logo Network!!!

But all the while, with his new found fame and fortune, he never forgot about the children, working late nights and early mornings in hospitals across the country to help those who can't help themselves. If we didn't love this bitch so much, we'd go to his house and cut him......BAD!

And today, we just received news that the cunt got cast as the villainous lead character in the sequel to the homo cult favorite, Another Gay Movie. WTF?! Although we're so excited for him, we really do have to question whether we love him enough not to cut him. We'll decide later. For the moment, there's a mirror in the hallway with our name on it! J'Adore!

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