Thursday, March 13, 2008


We are so over the moon this morning!  And by this morning, we mean 3:00am, because that's when we saw the cover of the New York Times Thursday Styles section because we couldn't sleep because we were so sick but you already knew that because we told you already.  Ugh.  We're rambling, and we're not even drunk on our rum tea!

ANYWAY, what we're so excited about is that the New York Times ran this story today about Opening Ceremony down at 35 Howard Street in Soho which is owned by one of our oldest friends in the world, the most fabulous, Carol Lim.  

Carol first fell in love with us in the 7th grade.  We think it was our Hypercolor sweatshirt and acid washed jeans which we used to fold over and roll the cuffs so that they wouldn't hide our British Knights high tops.  We like to think that it was OUR incredible sense of style that helped lead Carol down the road to opening the HOTTEST fashion mecca in the world!  But that's just us.  We're narcissists, and we're not apologizing!

If you haven't been to Opening Ceremony, go TODAY, and tell Carol that J'Adore Joey sent you.  She might just refuse you service!  J'Adore!

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