Saturday, May 17, 2008


What the hell is going on?  We're sitting here working 16 hours days every day while all of our friends are cruising the world having the time of their lives.  First it was Claire and Emilia at the Chanel show, and now we just got this pic in an email from another one of our most J'Adored closet cases, Neil Rasmus, who's in Vienna for The Lifeball.

We heard not too long ago that Mini Cooper was presenting its new Clubman designed by Agent Provacateur, and lo and behold, Neil sends us a photo of himself flanked by the Mini models in Vienna at the Clubman presentation. Whatever he wants to do to justify his existence is fine with long as he calls us in the morning!  J'Adore!

And by the way, Rauchen Verboten means No Smoking!  J'Adore Rauchen!

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