Saturday, May 17, 2008


OH OUR GOD!!!  We know you hate us!  We've been gone for so long!  The emails from you guys have FLOODED our inbox!  Your cries for J'Adoration!  Your pleas for posts!  Hilary in Palm Springs SCREAMED at us!  Ian in Connecticut THREATENED us with mortality.  Renco in Iowa politely asked if we were still alive.  WE ARE SO SORRY!  We've been burning the candle at both ends over the past few weeks, and none of that molten wax has landed on our nipples....unfortunately.

To give you an idea of our schedule.... we were in LA for two weeks producing the Shinjo Ito exhibition and dinner.  Then we flew back to begin work on a dinner in two weeks for House of Lavande.  And while we were doing that, we got a call to do a fancy pants dinner party in June for Bulgari.  AND on top of that, we got another call to produce a three day party weekend situation in July in Sagaponack, NY!

You know we J'Adore you!

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RENCO said...

Welcome back. Good luck with all those events!