Monday, October 06, 2008


What is it with us and spotting magazine cover knock offs?  First it was the Bazaar vs W debacle that caused such a stir that our friends at W didn't speak to us for a month!  Now, it's Out vs Details!  

We noticed this couple days ago, but we didn't want to say anything again cuz we didn't want to bring down yet ANOTHER magazine, but we just can't help ourselves, so let's discuss.

Popnography, Out's pop cult blog, delves into it in detail, but about 6 months ago, Out published a cover that flew off the racks depicting the perfectly styled boys of Gossip Girl.  This month, Details rips them off in a half-ass attempt to recreate their success.  

Who do you think wins this round?  Email us and let us know.

1 comment:

Big Daddy said...

I like the styling in the Out cover best, but I do like the healthy tan glow of the Details cover, even though all of their covers lately, use this finish.

That finish made Ryan Seacrest look even more like an alien.