Sunday, November 16, 2008


Last Tuesday, we went up to the Mormon Church on Broadway & 65th Street where over 10,000 gays and their supporters had assembled to protest the church's donation of $20 million dollars in a bid to pass Proposition 8 which eventually took away the right of gays to marry in the state of California.

It was an awesome scene.  Hoards of people in the streets carrying signs, blocking traffic and speaking their voice.  We're a little saddened though because, as our friend Jesse pointed out, gays tend to be reactionary instead of  pro-active.  Had only these organizations happened BEFORE the proposition was passed, we might have seen a different outcome.  It's only after it didn't pass that everyone came together.

Nonetheless, we were excited to have been a part of such a powerful movement.  It's incredible to us that gays are still fighting for equal rights just like the blacks did in the last century. Haven't we come far enough?  Why are people so scared?  Why do they care what others do in the privacy of their bedrooms? And don't get us started when they bring the Bible into it.  We're not going there right now.

On a lighter note, the gays had some pretty funny signs made for the occasion, some of which we detail below:

"Gay is the New Black!"

"You have five wives.  We only want ONE husband!"

"No more Mr. Nice Gay!"

"Who do you think does the flowers at your wedding, Bitch!?"

"Jesus says: LOVE, Bitches!"

"The Bible says you shouldn't eat shellfish, too!"

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