Sunday, November 16, 2008


Does our photographer friend Douglas Friedman ever take a break? If he's not shooting in Hong Kong, he's shooting in Paris. If not Paris, he's shooting in Sydney. If not Sydney, it's Los Angeles. To tell you the truth, we're a bit over his jet set work calendar. We're giving him a big Je N'Adore Pas....if only because we're totally jealous.

Yesterday, he had the nerve to drive us J'Adorably batty by sending us photos of himself shooting, not photos, but pheasant in the British countryside! He claims to have taken down 10 of the beautiful birds all by himself, and we guess we'll have to believe him for now.

What we had to know though is where he got the outfit. The Marc Jacob shoes we know are his own, and he said he borrowed the plus fours (knee length trousers), socks and garters while the rest of the ensemble he said he just had lying around. How incredibly chic to have hunting clothes just "lying around". JE N'ADORE PAS!

We just take comfort in the fact that threre was no way his "plus two" could have popped out of his plus fours on accident. J'ADORE!

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