Wednesday, January 14, 2009


You already know how much we love our boozy lunches in LA with our good friends Darryl and Simone.  Well, we had another one, except this time, it wasn't so boozy.  We're not currently drinking, it was cold out, Darryl had to work, Simone was giving you J'Adorosity at its finest, so we all had tea.  How J'Adorably civilized, n'est-ce pas?

This time around though, we had a special surprise guest, one whom you have grown to know  J'Adore....Brad Fisher.  We know! Can you believe it?  He followed us out to LA too!  Can't seem to shake him, but he's cool, so we keep him around.  You never know when he'll ask us to sit for him to paint a nude portrait of us. Actually, it would have to be more of a mural, if you know what we mean...  J'Adore!

All three J'Adorables are pictured above giving you their best Parking Lot Chic...

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Anonymous said...

Simone Bent= Stepford Wife. If you think she didn't put a plan into motion as to how she was gonna hook Troy, you are very naive. Love my ass.