Thursday, August 30, 2007


We know we haven't been posting as regularly as you'd like us to, but we have a good reason. Our BFF, Mr. Darryl Gibson, came swooping threw town this past weekend wreaking CHAOS on all of New York City! We Will Never Forget! 9/11 WHAT?!

Anyway, you'll remember Darryl from our alcoholic lunches in Los Angeles with Simone Bent, for who, coincidentally, Darryl was in town. He and us went to her fabulous little black tie wedding to the J'Adorable Troy Garrity last Saturday night. We were all dolled up in our tuxedoes. It was 96 degrees out with 90% humidity! We dropped a J'Adorable 18 pounds in water weight that night alone! We had sweat puddles in our shoes! Je N'Adore Pas!

We turned it out major at the wedding, then we went to meet our J'Adorably HOT friend Will Wikle at Mr. Black where we got all hot and sweaty subterranean style thumpin' and bumpin' with all the 'mos a boy could handle!

We don't even want to tell you about the rest of the night at Glass and Bungalow 8 cuz it's just too embarassing....let's just say it involved a bar fight, a surfboard, Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical, a stoned DJ name Uncle Mike and a bacon cheeseburger with fries! Nuff said. J'Adore!

The next day it was back to Bungalow 8 where Darryl hosted an intimate gathering for all his fans to come pay homage to him while he was in town. We went because the invite said 11pm - 1am and we thought it would be a cute little cap to a fabulous weekend before we hit the hay by 2am. We should have known better!

The entire crew from back in the day showed up!!! Errickson Wilcox, Nan Lily Cho, Sid Haywood, Lelaine Lau, Anthony Henderson, Troy Cain, Billy Farrell, Tiana, Huey Morgan, Dreni (our most J'Adored baretender EVER) and countless others! We all ended up at the Sunday night party at Hiro! We thought we had turned out it the night before?!?! Hardly!!!

When we tell you that Darryl gave it to us and about 300 others in that room to Beyonce's Deja Vu remix by Miss Honey Dijon, we fuckin' mean it! We weren't able to walk for hours after! We haven't danced like that since we were trapped in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Los Angeles circa 1994 with Lady Miss Kier from Deee-lite!

We left Hiro and tried to make it over to APT, but we just couldn't. We had to bid the family adieu at around 4:30am, but that didn't stop THEM! They kept going and went back to Mr. Black, same place from the night before, turning it on and on til 6 in the morn'! Woooork!

We eventually ended our weekend visit with the J'Adorable Mr. Gibson with another alcoholic lunch on Monday afternoon at Bar Pitti with the ever fabulous Errickson Wilcox, a.k.a. Eson.

We weren't glad to see Darryl go, but our liver sure as hell was!

Until the next time he returns....and in the meantime, we're calling the government to come in and help us repair all the damage! J'Adore!


Gabi M said...

Omg! I cannot believe i just caught this link now, months later; but it's making me so nostalgic (and not to mention, all old-feeling!).

j'Adore the names...brings me back to when NYC was nonstop fun...Lily, Ericksson, Darryl, Simone, Troy, Uncle Mike & Huey (they've got to go together)...Honey...and Bar Pitti!!

I was probably managing Hiro that night on Sunday. I think i could cry.

Gabi M said...

Hey, Anonymous -- GET A LIFE!! You're blowing up my inbox by reposting your nasty comment everyday, and honestly, it's pathetic! This is an old post anyway, so the only one seeing your stupid, obsessive comment is me (the only other one to leave a comment) and Joey.

Stop being such a pest and focus your energy on something more positive, PLEASE!!

Anonymous said...

You may think it's pathetic, but it's true. And if it is an old post, it shouldn't bother you