Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We at J'Adore Joey are in major J'ADORABLE love with one of our best friends, Will Wikle!

We first met him years ago while he was still changing bed pans working as a hot ass nurse at some hospital in New York City. You know that bitch opted to wear a hospital gown with the open tie back (and no underwear) in lieu of his mandated scrubs....but we're not trying to get dirty here tonight.

We're resurrecting this bitch back because just last week he took on The View's Elizabeth Hasselcrack in a one on one interview on stage at The View studios. Unfortunately for Will, the only camera working at the time was our personal camcorder which we bought back in 1987. We still need three men to lug that damn thing around, but, once again, we digress...

You need to watch Will totally lay down the law with the crazy ass Ms. H-Crack.....letting her know that it is NOT okay to not support gay rights....especially when you have THAT much Bumble & Bumble up in your hair. That's just what Will told us yesterday. Personally, we think his shit's pulled back with a bobby pin.


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