Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay, Bitches. You all know we're Lebanese, and we are one of the first J'Adorable peoples on this earth to blow it up MAJOR.

Our ancestors, The Phoenicians, were the first sea-faring merchants who supplied shit to everyone, and we mean EVERYONE. We gave the Egyptians the cedar wood used in helping to construct the pyramids. Lebanon was the epicenter of the Roman school of law, and we were the first people to export wine to foreign lands! Yes. You heard us right. It was us that made wine first! You don't think Jesus was drinking an Italian Valpolicella, do you?!?!

So it wasn't any surprise when we saw this article in the Wall Street Journal about the Lebanese wine industry and how it's finally getting the respect it deserves. Read it and learn, or we'll find you and CUT YOU like Bon Qui Qui.


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