Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We want you to meet Santino The Chimp.  This little guy is changing the way we view ourselves as human beings. Apparently, the 31-year-old Alpha male at Furuvik zoo in Sweden has gone about a little activity that many scientists are arguing is unique to humans only.  

Every morning, before the zoo would open, Santino would gather stones and prepare them in piles, and later in the day, when visitors to the zoo would annoy the hell out of him, he would unleash a hailstorm of stones at them.  This "planning for the future" as researchers call it has surprised the scientific world, proving that animals do indeed make plans ahead of time.

You know what?  If we were locked up in a fenced in area only to wake to find snotty nosed kids and their fanny pack wearing parents staring, pointing and gawking us, we'd eventually figure out that the best way to deal with a crappy situation is to have some fun and start trying to hit the bitches with a rock.  

We feel bad for Santino.  They say that he rarely hits anyone due to his poor aim.  We might have to fly our asses over to Sweden and help teach Santino how to aim and shoot a bitch down.

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