Thursday, March 12, 2009


We are not J'Adoring in the least at the moment because earlier this evening we received word that our beloved New York Post real estate columnist, Braden Keil, passed on late last night after a long battle with melanoma.  We really cannot tell you how incredibly saddened we are by this news.

When we first started in the world of public relations over 7 years ago and we were fumbling our way through unchartered territory, Braden was always there for us letting us know that we would get through it. He was the first reporter that really believed in us when we couldn't have the courage to believe in ourselves.

We worked with some of New York City's most celebrated chefs at the time, and Braden was covering the culinary world for the NY Post on the side, even though real estate was his mainstay.  He came to every dinner we hosted at our restaurants, and he wrote about every single one in the paper the next day.  He loved to eat gourmet meals.  He loved to drink the fine wines we offered. He also always laughed at our mundane stories which at times weren't very funny, but rather, just drunken.

We hadn't seen Braden in a couple of years, but we'll definitely miss him.  His unconditional support and constant encouragement are part of the reason why we are where we are today.

We'll miss you, Braden.  May you rest in peace.  J'adore.

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