Tuesday, May 02, 2006


We can't tell you how in total J'Adoration we are to bring you this video! One of our all time favortie songs by one of our all time most favorite bands. Ladies and J'Adorables, may we present to you......WHAM!!!

How did we not know back then that George was a master of the skin flute? Did we miss the white speedos? Did we not pay attention to the hot shower scene? Was the "pink martini" and little ponytail not a total cry for help???

Our apologies to Mr. Michael for not running to his side before the incident in the park...


JMB said...

Hey Joey! I think it was pretty obvious from the day he was born, since he's GREEK...

Well, well, well...hum... hi to all my new friends from Greece!

Comment for the BIATCH (Bush Internet Administration & Total Chaos House) and the GAY (Greece Administration of Youman-Rights):

This was not a racist comment!
It's a joke!!!!! And we have no evidence anyway... we can't back this up!

And I'm French myself! so go ahead! Mock me!!!

Big Daddy said...

I think George is underated as a songwriter and singer. Every now and then I'll hear an old George song and be blown [pun not intended] away.

Kissing A Fool is prob my fave lyrics by him.