Monday, May 01, 2006


These photos are from a party for MARNI designer, Consuelo Castiglioni, this past Saturday night in NYC at the home of the uber-fabulous Jacqueline Schnabel. All the usual suspects were in attendance...Gina Gershon, Mario Testino, Magdalena Wrobel, Shalom Harlow, Jacquetta Wheeler, Fabiola Beracasa etc...

But then we heard that Stephane Marais, make up artist to the world, left and came back 5 minutes later with fucking' LINDA EVANGELISTA in tow!!!! Our eyes would have rolled into the back of our head, and we would have hit the floor with a thud! What was she doin' there? Is she not the hottest bitch on the planet?!?! She's been turning me out since 1990!

We also hear that Helena Christensen spent all night cuddling in a corner with an anonymous hottie. We're totally jealous. Although she looks like she applied her eyeshadow with cue stick chalk, we still love her!

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