Friday, June 09, 2006


You all know how we at J'Adore Joey love our natural phenomenons, but even WE didn't know this shit happened somewhere in the world!

Ladies and J'adorables....let me introduce to you The Circumhorizon Arc, a.k.a. The Rainbow of Fire!

One of the rarest occurences in nature, the Rainbow of Fire appears when sunlight passes throug ice crystals in cirrus clouds that are at least 20,000 feet high. Not only do you need the light to pass through the crystals, but the crystals within the clouds must be aligned horizontally, instead of their usual vertical position. Not only that, but the sun needs to be at least 58 degrees above the horizon.

By sheer coincidence, those are also the qualifications needed for me to do my hair in the morning. How else do you think I get my gorgeous mane to the state its in??? Without the proper light shining down on me from 58 degrees above, I would look like Roseanne Barr!

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