Thursday, June 29, 2006


WE KNOW! WE KNOW! How could we have left you for so long without anything to J'Adore, but believe you us, it hurt us way more than it hurt you! We are so very sorry for leaving you in the dark, but with a professional schedule like ours, it just happens.

We've been so unbelievably busy at our real jobs trying to produce a very extravagant party across the country in Los Angeles for a very high profile Italian fashion house which shall remain nameless (PRADA)....that we just haven't had the time...

Couple that with preparations for our summer vacation next week in a small town in the South of France just outside of Nice with one of our most J'Adored inspirations in life, Zoe Turnbull, we just haven't been able to pull it together!

Being popular is both HARD and EXPENSIVE!

In any case, we are here to tell you that we are taking a very small hiatus and will be back with you around the 14th of July replete with stories of wine, food, travel, history, architecture and debauchery that you can only wish one day you'll be able to J'Adore!

If any of you can tell us how the above photograph pertains to this particular posting, you will win your very own J'Adorable gift from the South of that is TBD as we haven't been there yet, and we don't really know what it is.

Email us your guesses at

Until we J'Adore again....


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