Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Okay, Bitches! We're about to take you to a place you probably haven't been to in a while....the East End of London circa 1988.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgely are furiously trying to sell the last two tickets to their show at Marquee (not the one in NYC obviously).

After countless attempts to unload the tickets, George runs into the club to call his tour manager to complain about the crap venue in which they've been booked.

Knowing that the show must go on, George and Andrew take to the stage and deliver a tour de force performance of I'm Your Man!

Please pay special attention to the skillfull use of the tambourine, to the hot little black leather gloves and to the subliminal sexual references towards the end.

Ladies and J'Adorables, we present to you.......WHAM!!!

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