Thursday, May 24, 2007


Let's talk taking a bath, Bitches. We were just cruising around the Ferguson & Shamamian website just a little bit ago, and we came across this bath in New York City which presumably is within their creative genius.

We mean...REALLY! If you're going to take a bath, THIS is the way to do it. Notice the lighting on the art (we wouldn't have gone with a tacky gold frame, but we digress yet again...), the gorgeous handheld showerhead and the perfectly laid out towels (we're assuming they're warm so our balls don't shrivel up when we step out).

What we most love is the tiny nook in which the tub is placed offering us a sense of privacy and seclusion from all the neighbors with binoculars peering in through the window which we've deliberately left open without the blinds down (yes, we're perverts and we J'ADORE it!)

Work it out F&S! Check out their site for more gorgeous work...specifically the garden structure section.

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Big Daddy said...

Too 'traditional' for my taste.

I'm a contemporary guy.