Saturday, May 26, 2007


It's lazy summer days like this one today that really get us in the mood for pink lemonade, and one of our favorites is the sparkling lemonade by Efferve. Although this French company makes lemonade in all different flavors, the pink one is our favorite!


Danielle said...

Hi Joey, do you know where I can buy these in NYC? -Danielle

Joey J said...

Balducci's, Citarella, Dean & Deluca. These types of places carry them.

Danielle said...

Many thanks Joey! I work for a hotel and client was requesting the Efferve pink lemonade to send as guest room amenity. I couldn't find it anywhere on-line when your blog came up as one of the search results. We called or went to all the high end gourmet food stores, and could only locate it in the back storage area in Dean & Deluca in Soho (but in regular lemonade flavor and small bottle only)! I guess the new hot drink is the Lorina brand that's pretty much the same thing as Efferve - same flavors, same bottling.

Anyway, thanks again for giving me a point to start the search. And I totally j'adore your blog!