Wednesday, October 03, 2007


OMG, BITCHES!!! We already told you how much we loved the first CandyCast when it came out this summer, but now, the second one has come out, and it's BEYOND J'ADORABLE! This is exactly why we love Candy Pratts Price.....because she's just SOOOOO uber-fashion that you're like what the hell is this bitch talking about?!?! But it's amazing because, somehow, in all the confusion, it totally makes sense!!! Well, at least to us it does...

Some of our favorite quotes...

"So you're at lunch and you've got a gold bag and they go like UGH you've got a gold bag at lunch, BUT YOU HAVE A GOLD BAG!"


"I love a clutch bag. I love a clutch bag because you can put that bag into another bag and that gives you more bags! Let's say you have a vintage Gucci alligator clutch and you all of a sudden slip it out of a Coach tote bag and it's like an AAAAH! moment"

"And now for the things I love.....FISH LEATHER! It's a unique alternative from the exotic leathers. Next time you eat that salmon, think of your handbag!"

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