Thursday, July 26, 2007

J'ADORE CARTOON CANDY! has just launched a new section called CandyCast which features their editor in chief, Candy Pratts Price, as an animated version of herself doling out fashion tips and trends to the fashion starved masses! Or in Candy's own words, it's "fashion as life".

Between you and us, sometimes we totally get overwhelmed by the frivolity and the superfluousness of this industry. We mean it's just fashion after all. But for some reason, we totally J'Adore CandyCast! It's new, fresh, fun and creative, and we'll always love us some Pratts Price.

We'd love to tell you the story of when we were with Candy up in Tom Ford's hotel room after the CFDAs in 2004, but I think if we divulged what happened in that room that night, we'd be silently slaughtered by the Conde Nast Militia. An intern will do ANYTHING to get ahead.

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