Friday, August 22, 2008


Listen up, Bitches!  We need your help, and we need it NOW!  Not too long ago, we started a charity with our good friend, Elettra Wiedemann, in order to help the Solar Electric Life Fund equip a hospital in Kigutu, Burundi with solar energy for the term of its existence.  As you can see from the above satellite photo, 90% of the continent of Africa is rendered pitch black without electricity after sundown.  That means that emergency operations happen by candlelight, medications go unrefrigerated and all communication systems are down!

All we need is $450,000!!!  J'Adore!

SO....We've enlisted Chris Benz, House of Diehl, Phillip Lim, Rogan, Giambattista Valli and Rag & Bone to design 100 limited edition Africa and energy inspired t-shirts which are being sold through our site, Just One Frickin Day, beginning this Monday, August 25th. View the t-shirts here.

Alternatively, you can also donate just one frickin day of your annual salary through the custom calculator we've built.  Or if you're a cheap bitch (HA!), you can donate just one frickin hour!

Please help us make it happen, J'Adorables!  


renco said...

No Paypal?

Joey J said...

Yes. When the t-shirts go on sale on Monday, the links on the site will take you to an eBay page where you can use PayPal. Buy a t-shirt! J'Adore!