Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We usually give a big Je N'Adore Pas to those bitches who never pick up their phones.  It's so annoying.  We call.  They don't pick up.  We leave a message.  They don't call back.  A cell phone is not about you making a call when you feel like it.  They're for when WE decide to grace YOU with our J'Adorable voice!  So, when we call, you pick up, bitch.  Got it?

Anyj'adore, we just came across the most genius little section entitled Voicemail on Cityfile, a website a friend of ours set up not too long ago.  Voicemail contains outgoing messages from various celebrities, socialites, editors and other J'Adorables for the entire world to hear.  Our favorite is that of Victoria Gotti because, even after all these years, she still sounds like a nasally long island bitch with bleach blonde hair and fake titties!  J'Adore!

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renco said...

Time to introduce this friend to another friend!