Friday, August 01, 2008


We know. We know.  If we post one more thing about our J'Adorably hot friend, Doug Friedman, we're gonna commit J'Adoricide too!  But we just can't help ourselves sometimes...

Today, we were passing back and forth Blackberry messenger messages about how much we J'Adore each other...(we ARE Leos after all!), and Mr. Friedman sent us this photo of himself in what seems to be some sort of recreational facility for bear cubs or something.  We're not sure.  We personally have never seen anything like it.

Leave it to Doug E. Fresh though to find a mirror, position himself in it, ensure composition and balance are just slightly asymmetrical and then snap and send!  J'Adore!

We Leos travel in packs, and we have MANY birthdays to J'Adore this month, Friedman included.  Keep checking back in on the daily to get to know a few of our peeps one by one on their days of birth.

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