Friday, August 22, 2008


At this point in the game, we all know that this Page Six blind item about a Hollywood hunk raping his ex-boyfriend and then paying him $500K to keep quiet is James Franco.  Oh, wait.  Or should we say....we PRESUME it's James Franco (for legal purposes...hahahahaha!)  Either way, we know it's true.

So we totally J'Adored all over ourselves when we saw this video from T Magazine where James says that it was "uncomfortable" for him to kiss Sean Penn!  Whatever!  He says that his favorite movie is My Own Private Idaho, and that statement in itself is a blatant statement of his latant J'Adomosexuality!


Big Daddy said...

He was great as/in 'James Dean'.

Anonymous said...

he's the blind?!?

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry bitch, he's not homosexual.