Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last night, we were invited to dinner at the city residence of our favorite J'Adorables Chris Tennant and Zoe Turnbull. We dined on puff pastry with ricotta and asparagus baked right into it alongside lemon dover sole and lightly chilled green beans tossed in vintage olive oil and lemon zest. An inspired meal to say the least.

Seated next to us at the table were Peter Holm and Eva Mag of Swedish Indie rock group Cupcake Experience. When we asked Eva who the icing on the cupcake was, she said "Peter of course. I'm more like cake!" We were inclined to agree.

Their music is eerily gorgeous, beautifully dark and solemnly sullen. Signals of Love is the theme, but we're calling it Signals of J'Adoration. Check out the album here.


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