Monday, April 13, 2009


The Lord is J'Adored! He is J'Adored indeed! We had a crazy fun Easter weekend, Bitches, and we're gonna skip all the minor happenings and go straight to the eggstatic Easter basket we made.

We spent the weekend with our favorite J'Adorables Zoe Turnbull, Chris Tennant, Lucy McIntyre and Krista Freibaum decoupaging some major Easter eggs. Martha Stewart sent her "boys" over to get us to stop our hostile takeover of her empire, but we decoupaged their sorry asses up and sent them running back to her farm in Connecticut.

We want you to pay special attention to Linda Eggvangelista cuz she's got a rabbit fur mohawk. You'll also notice the modern furniture egg Zoe made. Lucy busted out a Mr. President egg for all the White House aficionados up in here. Krista kept it safe and stuck with the colorfully festive patterns. We think she was scared of Martha, who coincidentally was twittering Krista all day Sunday while she was baking our Easter ham!

Major J'Adores to Zoe and Krista for pulling off an incredible Easter luncheon by the way. Photo of the eggceptional table below. J'Adore!

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