Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One of my most anticipated arrivals of Spring is that of the green almond! This where the almond that you're most used to seeing comes from. We Mediterranean folk eat almonds in three stages.

First stage is the green almond as seen above. Slightly tangy with a watery center, they are best eaten with a touch of salt and an ice cold beer. TO DIE FOR!

Second stage is when the "almond" center begins to solidify into the white nut you commonly know. But in this stage the white almond meat is sweet and a little bit soft. You have to crack open the fuzzy green shell to get to it. Still best enjoyed with an ice cold beer.

Third stage is when the almond is completely formed. The sweetness of the nut is slightly less prominent than before and the nut is much more firm. A nutcracker is needed to extract the almond from its casing. Once again, best enjoyed with an ice cold beer.

If you come across these green almonds in a gourmet grocer in the next couple of weeks, don't pass up the chance to partake in one of Spring's little pleasures...

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Anonymous said...

where do i get those???
j'ADORE food!
i always get all this talked about food!
last time i have dates shiped to me from california, not to mention white peaches...