Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I'M BACK, BITCHES!!! My most sincere apologies for being gone so long, but it was for good reason.

The last week and a half, I had the HONOR of working closely with one of the hottest contemporary artists on the scene right now...FRANCESCO VEZZOLI, who currently has a video piece based Gore Vidal's CALIGULA in the 2006 Whiteny Biennial. You HAVE to check it out. It's too hot.

Above you'll see one of Vezzoli's pieces from the Gore Vidal trilogy we debuted at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills last Saturday. The exhibition featured works inspired by Vidal's Suddenly Last Summer, Myra Breckenridge and Caligula.

For more on The Trilogy of Gore Vidal and Francesco Vezzoli, click the link below.


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