Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This is the story.
Of a lovely hotel.
Which was sitting on West 45th Street.
It had a pool... the fucking lobby.
The youngest one in curls.


Why are we singing about our night a la the Brady Bunch? Maybe cuz we had one Tanqueray and tonic too much on an empty stomach! What we really want to talk about are all the QTs at Hotel QT in midtown!

Work it out cuz we had a HOT night with all the Bitches up in the Balazs Bubble! If you don't know the bubble, then you don't belong in it.

Shall we talk about Skeeter, the cutie lawyer from San Fran who was just way too much for us to pass the bar exam? Or do we talk about his real estate friend, Adam Ant? Mr. Ant was laying down knowledge on double broker fees and shit. We were trying to follow, but 20% commissions ain't our thing. We need 100% all the time!

Then there was Goosey Lucy, Auntie Em, Jen Dee Martini, Amy Willyson and our favorite, Dave Wired, who lost his "bag" in the bathroom.

Blair Sparrow is always our favorite, although we think we pissed her off...

It's a weekly party. One you should check out. Call the hotel for further info....or click the link below!



ghee said...


JMB said...

Hey Joey!
J'adore QT too...
Don't know why... maybe because of this cute little Cate who does the interior design !! :)

Can't believe you didn't even mention her!!!!

Take care!