Sunday, April 23, 2006


We most recently fell in love with PINK all over again when she came out with Stupid Girls. A powerful anthem devoted to the worthless icons of today's popular culture. It was a call for the resurrection of female empowerment, which somehow over the past decade or so, was lost in the quest for eternal youth, the perfect canine accessory and the most designer of designer clothing. PINK sought the whereabouts of the next generation of female leaders, and I have no doubt she will find them.

Then, just this past week, we came across another song so powerful in its stance, so unlike anything we've heard from a female vocalist since Joni Mitchell, so intense in its question of our country's leader... We fell in love even more.

This is what music was meant for. This is the type of song that brings change. This is to where all artists should strive.

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Anonymous said...

i have never heard it,
but now that i did i love it.
i have a chance to meet pink once,
she is a great girl, has a great voice and is growing up in a cool way i must say.